View Full Version : Anyone got Magic Iris V3.5

The Welder
28th May 2001, 03:01
Has anyone got Magic Iris V3.5? Please don't get me wrong, but I'm enraged that the coder of this Plugin actually has the cheak to charge $11 or whatever it is.

I've written my fair share of software for the general public and never once have I thought to myself, oh yeah! let's make people pay for it. It's all beem free.

If anyone's got Magic Iris V3.5, could the email it me: welder@majesty.net

I've got the crack patch for it and the Magic Iris site only carries V3.7. Short of cracking 3.7 which A) I don't have the time to do, or B) Have the inclination to do, I'd rather someone just sent me it, thanks!

28th May 2001, 14:12
Be advised that this isn't a warez site.

The Welder
28th May 2001, 20:13
I know it's not a warez site, but what I said above still stands. So call it a bitch! hehehehehe