View Full Version : WinAmp Web sijt problems

29th May 2001, 11:00
It has come to pass that the Skins list is OUT of HAND while there are many groups there must be a way to jump around better and 20 is not nearly large enough to look around and compare what is what and what works with what.

While all that support WinAmp love WinAmp to peices and would wish for it to look the way they would wish it look at any time there are some who cannot do this by them selves and must depend on others which also comes to the skins list genuine Doubles and 3 and 4 generations must be grouped together and the 5 star list done away with for all because no one wants to give anyone 5 stars this is sad because people do not undestand how hard the work of programmeing is.

Honourable wicked mention for my BITCH/rant innovers real audio plug in The individule who wrote this programme doesn't belong on the bitchlist as all should download this programme and listen to real audio in a semi crash free way.

Download Milk Drops too and listen to a awful radio with it running programmes improve with good visuals:) (I am sick no;)

lastly I have a question the internet was made to survive bombs and war and disaster (correct) if this is so true then why is computer and radio and TV links the first to go away. (I am Serbian so I understand about the reasons but it is a question I would keep the web link up to prove we are right if for no other reasons so that anyone even my eniemy may know our words also too)