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29th May 2001, 21:23
wondering how did i get here ? i was f###ing lucky and configured my box to use one of local proxy servers yesterday so i can still do lightning-fast (as for 56k modem) http/ftp transfers at any time. but without proxy, i can't get anywhere outside Poland. THIS SUCKS. local router structure is controlled by a bunch of monopolist fuckers (TPSA) who are paid for slowing everything down. if you say that AOL is evil, you have seen nothing yet...
btw, some time days ago Thor run traceroute on my IP (Belgium -> Poland) and it went through New York. funny, wasn't it ? local hackers say that you can run around whole world while connecting to your neighbour (so-called 'dynamic routing').
i am getting really pissed off. AIM/ICQ don't work for me at all; the same about LoL IRC server. there's nobody to talk to. forums are the last form of communication which works for me (not counting my lame a$$ onet.pl email account which adds stupid ads in Polish to every sent email).
and there is more: i have in_midi v2.56a update (fixes stupid config window flaw) and PowerFrac beta3 with VisFrac3 (the definitely most phat AVS APE i've ever seen; old VisFracs are NOTHING compared to this baby); but i can't upload stuff to blorp.com....

proxy server fucked up, i've finally managed to get back here after one hour of searching for another one which works with winamp forums. oh well.

29th May 2001, 22:01
That sucks.

I feel sorry for ya man.

29th May 2001, 22:05
well that sucks

why are you a major dude? dont you work at nullsoft?

John M
29th May 2001, 23:05
PP - say "DirectPC". now 2 way.

30th May 2001, 04:25
why are you a major dude? dont you work at nullsoft?this is a topic for a separate thread here....

19th June 2001, 16:47
and here we go again. my connection is fuxored again and i can't connect anywhere w/o proxy; in_vorbis v1.1 and in_midi v2.58 updates are blocked (also winamp.com in_vorbis update).