View Full Version : FFS I AM SO SICK OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30th May 2001, 21:50
Argh whats with the SAD people always reviewing my stuff and giving it 0stars with a STUPID comment ARGH!!!!!



!!!!!!!!!! FFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cant these stupid reviews be taken off and my score raised again to 4 stars?

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


/me P***ed off

30th May 2001, 22:24
I feel your pain. But what can you do about it? Nope nothing...So just don't worry about it, we all suffer from the dickheads!

1st June 2001, 14:54
Originally posted by hibbs40
whats with the SAD people always reviewing my stuff and giving it 0stars with a STUPID commentThis is a public rating system; public doesn't always mean fair. Some people are extremists -- they give you either 0 or 5. Some others dispense their ratings on your product according to how much they like your person. I believe most people who read the ratings know that's how the way the system works, and know better than to judge your product by its ratings alone.

On the other hand, you gave yourself 5 stars. Is it some sort of a two-wrongs-make-one-right philosophy?

simon snowflake
4th June 2001, 14:12
well, about the skin it's easy, since it is made with a skinner people rate it low. cause skinners are not worthy high scores.

4th June 2001, 16:05
Sorry to see the AVS pack get bad rating, but your skin really does suck llama ass. You should actually make a skin instead of just running a BMP through a program like that.

4th June 2001, 17:24
I only made the skin cause I love Dark Angel - I am shit at making skins :)

But I did actually change the skin quite a bit after using the skinner, if you look.
The skinner doesnt skin the AVS window or the browser, I also changed a lot of the buttons and added "Dark" and "Jessica Alba" :)

simon snowflake
4th June 2001, 17:35
that might be true, but you can still easy see that it was made with skinner. Some people use it like you do, but then change a lot of things so you cant see the useage of skinner anymore.
I prefer not to use skinner at all as you can see in this skin croq-amp (http://www.winamp.com/skins/detail.jhtml?componentId=29192) no skinner is used, because it's to complex to be skinned with a skinner tool.

7th June 2001, 22:43
Yeah, we all get the same thing too:


I understand the "0 stars, you suck, I 0wn u0r h@x0r3d syst3m!" attitude. I even understand the "1 star, it didn't work right away and I didn't bother to read the docs to know why." I can even accept that some people love their favorite plugin and all other ones can burn in the hell of 0 stars.

What really confuses me is the "EXCELLENT PLUGIN! Looks totally awesome!", then 2 stars. . . .

I wouldn't take it personally. Everyone knows the rating system is quirky. Have you noticed how strange(and small)the five star section is? and how many 4.5 star plugins there are?

# of downloads is a far better way to measure(IMHO).

9th June 2001, 02:19
Just a quick note to hibbs40: The thing to remember about skinners is they are JUST A TOOL. Ideally, using a skinner should only be one step out of about a hundred when making a skin. It should be a time saver, not an end-all. I don't know about everyone else, but I like to design my skins on a 275 by 348 bitmap (kind of like a screenshot of the finished skin), then use that in a skinner to save time doing the font/colors/etc. It's also comes in handy for checking for bugs. The problem you had hibbs was that you only edited enough of Dark Angel to throw the rest into sharp relief. For what it's worth, you sold yourself short. If you can edit one bitmap, you can edit all of them. You just need to be really patient. Spend 30 more hours on it and you'ld get 5 stars for sure. : )