View Full Version : wtf is up with some people these days

victor hoang
30th May 2001, 22:59
Winamp's new rating system blows.

I was rollin around looking around for some nice visual plugins to download and I noticed that there werent as many 5 star plugins as there use to be. I searched for some pretty tight ones I saw while at a friends home but couldn't find them in the five star sections. I was looking for one called "Jet" and an avs set called "jc4thecarbonfiberweed" but found them in the recesses of the winamp site. These great plugins were marked down a few stars due to bitches who didnt like the plugins. One fuqer gave jc4 a "ZERO" star rating after all his hard work and had this to say "this is really bad." Guys like these are as fuqin annoying as my neighbor (you know who you are =P). I'm not saying everyone deserves 5 star but a zero? What the heezy.

Winamp should have a dual rating system. One based on staff opinion and one based on public opinion. If it did, it would make my day.