View Full Version : The makers of quicktime should be shot (as well as my family)

1st June 2001, 00:40
Everything was working fine on the computer until today. Apparently my sister thought it was a good idea to update qucktime.

What happened? Now the quicktime plugin for internet explorer makes Quicktime try and open EXE files when I click a download links to them, which of course it can't do. So I happily deleted every trace of quickmotherfuckingtime on my system and now what?

Now whenever I click the download link for an EXE file, it just gives me a tiny activex icon in the upper left corner of my browser, telling my I do not have the controls to download it or something like that. So now I have to use GetRight to download the EXE for the latest version of DirectX just so I can download EXE files once again.

And the biggest pissoff is whenever I have to fix anything on the computer the rest of my imbecile family tells me whatever the fuck they did wrong is my fault.

1st June 2001, 00:48
Re-associate your files

John M
1st June 2001, 01:11
Kill your family.

1st June 2001, 01:18
I cannot associate EXE to anything. It was only having the problem with EXE files.

Reinstalling DirectX and IE5.5 didn't do shit for the problem. Fuck microsoft.

I fixed it somewhat now by having Getright open at startup and able to catch clicks in IE, and only being associated in its settings with EXE, RAR, LZH and ZIP files. It's kind of like having your dick bitten off and putting it back on with duct tape, but it will do for now.

As for my family, they're alright. They're fun to try and confuse sometimes. And they usually trust what I have to say when we need to get something new for the computer.

Well, I got up today and things went from bad to worse to good enough... all in less than 2 hours... I think I'll stay up late again tonight...

Thanx for the support JohnM. Maybe I'll take your advice next time about what to do with my family :D

By the way, where'd your sig go, Chev?

1st June 2001, 01:34

John M
1st June 2001, 01:53
dude - find the proggie thats tryin to open the exes. go into the view>folder options>file types thing in explorer. find the proggie. delete the extention. save an exe to disk and try to open it. you can select the filetype as an executable there. if that dont help, hit me in the chest a few times when you decide to take care of your family. :D

1st June 2001, 02:17
It's not a windows problem. Applications that I manage to get onto my computer (and ones I have) run fine and nothing is wrong with "application" in the filetypes menu.

What the problem is, is that Internet Explorer won't download executables on its own anymore because Quicktime fucked up the responsibe ActiveX control.

1st June 2001, 03:08
Originally posted by NeoRenegade
By the way, where'd your sig go, Chev?

I use it sparingly for my fellow forumers(no more than once per thread.):)

1st June 2001, 15:22
Have someone covertly changed your IE's Internet zone security setting to "High"?

Another thing to try is to use regedit.exe and go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer" and try to locate anything that refers to .exe files. The most likely candidate I can find is the "Default Behaviors" branch. If you see a value called "EXE" in there, delete it. (I don't know for sure because I've never installed QuickTime.)

Bilbo Baggins
1st June 2001, 16:49
Do what I do when the computer goes wrong...

Swear a lot, threaten to throw it out the window, and then hit the wall. hard.

1st June 2001, 16:50
NR, this might help to fix your problem.

Go download 98Lite from http://www.98lite.net
Use it to get rid of every trace of Internet Explorer (Try not to laugh maniacally while doing so)
Re-install IE.

Hope that works, if not just beat me up after you kill your family and JohnM.

DJ Egg
2nd June 2001, 01:45
Delete the following key:
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\application/x-msdownload

2nd June 2001, 05:51
Guess what? PHP is fucked up too in IE now.

And downloading EXE's is fucked up in Netscape too... but at least PHP works fine in NS.

2nd June 2001, 09:13
PHP is interpreted at the server side so it can't possibly be broken by a faulty IE installation.

Are you not seeing any php pages at all? (Bah, that's not possible. This forum's pages are all PHP-generated.) Or does your IE refuse to display images generated from PHP (e.g. my sig)?

DJ Egg
2nd June 2001, 20:01
Did you check for that reg key?
If it's there, it shouldn't be, so get rid!

As for Netscrape . . .
If it gets screwed up, you have to manually (re)configure the MIME associations from within the Options. I uninstalled that p.o.s. ages ago, so I can't remember where the exact settings are.
Just make sure that the Content Type (MIME) for .EXE files is:

To fix IE, try this:
Add/Rem Programs CPL -> M$ Internet Explorer -> Add/Remove -> Repair IE

C'mon Neo, of all people, we can't have you experiencing problems with Windows ;)

Picaune News
2nd June 2001, 20:33
To fix that SOB PAPITA (Positively Annoying Pain In The A**) you call "Netscape Mozilla 4.61 English", hit Edit>Preferences>Navigator>Applications and find the correct load of crap, then delete it.

DJ Egg
2nd June 2001, 23:11
Yeah, cheers PN, that's the one!
Got it fixed yet Neo?

3rd June 2001, 01:19
What my problem with PHP is that when a download link is done with PHP, IE pulls up a clone of the page that the link is on instead of downloading the linked file.

By the way, DJEgg, nope, what you just showed me isn't in the registry.

DJ Egg
3rd June 2001, 16:05
Weird shit dude! :eek:

Any reference to PHP anywhere in the registry? (apart from typed url's)

Does the download work if you rt click -> Save Target As ?

ActiveX Resources:

Errrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmm . . . :confused:

Anyway, cheers for further confirming that QT5 is a fuckup.
I doubt if I'll ever upgrade, at least not until it's confirmed to be fixed.

3rd June 2001, 16:14
Damn. I should have followed this thread more closely before installing QT5.

Now all my video apps refuse to export to QuickTime format. Guess QT5 has overwritten some codec files with a decode-only version. :mad:

DJ Egg
3rd June 2001, 20:59
Oh bugger :(

4th June 2001, 03:22
It doesn't matter to me anymore.

Netscape still works fine and I have GetRight to use as a crutch for both IE and it.

4th June 2001, 18:20
For those of you getting butt-fucked by QuickTime v5:

¤ Uninstall the buggin' thing.
¤ Delete its folder and any references to "Apple" or "Quicktime" or "QT" in the Windows Registry. (If you aren't used to mucking about in the Registry, go find a geek.)
¤ Download QuickTime 4 from this link (my web space) and install it.
¤ If during the install, Windows pops up a message box stating that "The file being copied is older than the one on your system. Do you want to keep the newer file?", Just Say NO!

Hopefully, this will get your computers working right.

6th June 2001, 12:48
Save As works fine. Of course if for example I click that download link for QT4 what I get is this damn icon in the upper-left corner http://www16.brinkster.com/napsterneoreneg/ActiveX.gif.