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2nd June 2001, 22:45

Hey I have been having trouble with my sound. I played a song (Blood Brothers from the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 sound track) and the intro guitar line didn't work.

So I tried doing what most people would do, I uninstalled to see if the prob was in winamp. I come to the site for the first time in a few months, to get winamp installed again, and I get this new version. I don't mean to be rude, but I hate it. For one, there are WAY too many gidgets and doo-dads for me. I am good with computers, but don't feel like wasting my time messing around with all that sort of crap.

So I get it up and running, it is buffering way too much (I get like a second of lag after I double click on any song -- running at 500mhz with 192megs of ram... I don't think it's a resource problem). So now not only is it not running smoothly, but it still does play the songs intro guitar line (all I hear is the drum line). You know those track removal plugins are cool and all, but I don't like them built in. I want to hear the WHOLE song, not just the drums base and sometimes vocal (it does it on other songs too, not just this one).

I want the old version on winamp. Is there one on any old download sites? I like it best, and I want to be able to play things without them lagging up a storm when I DO get the problem in my sound fixed.

Another thing... I think it is neat but gay -- the little record to wav doo-dad in winamp 2.75. It was lagging a ton, only for me to find out that (lo-and-behold) it has recorded 89 megs of wavs into my winamp directory.

Could someone refer me to the older versions of winamp? (Who ever the null-minded programmers are behind winamp, aught to allow people to get all of their software, not just the new stuff. I think that is the dumbest thing today, and I have run into it with ICQ from Mirabilis and some real-time voice communications such as Roger Wilco or Battlefield Communicator. For GOD's SAKE, leave some trace of your old stuff, not everyone likes the new stuff).

Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of work goes into WinAmp, so keep writing, but please leave something for the rest of us. In my opinion, the previous version without all these little built-in gadgets was Gold. It never crashed (Running Windows 2000 Advanced Server) or locked-up. It never lagged, or did anything without me asking it to. I think it was perfect for what I was using it for. To go and mess with perfection, is not good. I know the new version is great for other people, but I don't like it.

Give me my old WinAmp back!

Jordan B.

(If anyone can help me with my audio problem that'd be great. imawebman@hotmail.com or on ICQ #5769478 or AOL DuesAscioCarus)


2nd June 2001, 22:52

or, if anyone sees this in a couple months...


But I'd say it's not a problem with Winamp.

2nd June 2001, 23:05
Thanks, I got it from a friend though (and that has like before 2.0 after 2.749 if you catch my drift. I didn't find 2.22 there. But I found it.


Jordan B.