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Picaune News
3rd June 2001, 00:32
Would anyone associated in any way with Angelfire, Tripod, Lycos Mail, My Lycos, Starpower, RCN, Erols Internet, Lycos Communities, AOL Instant Messenger, AOL, Lycos, or Carnegie Mellon University please skip down to the picture of the Darth Smiley.

I'm serious now.

You don't want to read what's ahead if you are related to the above services.

Okay, You Asked For It!

ANGELFIRE SUCKS! You try to put a simple image in these forums, and it pops up http://a4.g.akamai.net/7/4/445/0000/lygo.com/af/i/rloadblock.jpg. You try to download something and you get the page at http://angelfire.lycos.com/sys/dlparent.shtml. You try to upload an HTM and it barfs back an error because it isn't a GIF or a JPEG or an HTML. You try to connect through a proxy and you pop out at your neighbor's site. Furthermore, you can avoid all this by using Lycos's other service, Tripod, which has the same features, but makes sure you are punished severely for every slight misdemeanor, ensures your i's are crossed and t's dotted, and has extremely complex tools that any Totally Obedient Moron can follow, but no one can understand.

Those people above begin reading here.
1. You did not read the aforementioned text concerning the services Carnegie Mellon University provides to the public.
2. If you read the text, you did not fully comprehend it in any way.
3. If you read the text and comprehend it, you will not terminate my Tripod account, nor any other accounts I have with Lycos Incorporated based solely on this message.

Got it, sons-of-mother-fucking-God-damn-bitches from Lycos?

3rd June 2001, 00:37
Originally posted by Picaune News

ANGELFIRE SUCKS! You try to put a simple image in these forums, and it pops up [img]http://a4.g.akamai.net/7/4/445/0000/lygo.com/af/i/rloadblock.jpg[/im

thid is cuz they dont allow it..
As everyone here could have told you...

get an f2s.com account or homestead..
they do allow it..

Picaune News
3rd June 2001, 18:43
Exactly my point.

3rd June 2001, 23:11
good suggestion ws, but f2s.com isnt accepting any new accounts right now.
however theglobe.com is always worth a look imho.

16th June 2001, 09:53
u think thats bad? Search for posts by me (Charmander) you will find a much more terrible experience from a company called "Freeservers.com" you will now know you are not alone!