View Full Version : my skin!!

3rd June 2001, 09:59
I submitted my skin days ago and it´s not getting published. It looks like they have forgotten me. Moderators can any of you please find out? My name is Arjen Moes, skin name is Scuba D. Here´s a shot:


3rd June 2001, 11:46
Only a few days ago? SIT DOWN!!!
It takes weeks, even months for a skin to be reviewed and published.

3rd June 2001, 12:09
that long? shitty, i thought it would take days

John M
3rd June 2001, 12:27
dude, it looks nice. put it up on your server and post a link so we can d/l it now. see, were all just superl33t haxors that have to have everything months before the public :D

3rd June 2001, 12:34
Post a link in Shin Love forum for others to try.

3rd June 2001, 12:54
ok i posted the link in the skinlove forum. here it is again