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3rd June 2001, 19:30
Ok I hate the new winamp site. AOL has to fuck everything up now doesnt it? My screen is at 1024x768 so it seems like winamp.com resides within a rectangle. At least the old site was some what cool. I think they should go back to the black site any how. Well yeah and stuff thats all I have.

3rd June 2001, 19:45
OK, that 1 vote for the old site and 29,000 votes for the new.

Hmmm, you lost!;)

Picaune News
3rd June 2001, 20:24
2 votes. The old was easier to navigate.

3rd June 2001, 22:48
3 votes. I like dark backgrounds, they easier to see. :)

3rd June 2001, 22:57
Ummm, one of you is talking about the ninja month site.
The other hasn't been here long enough to have seen the old site.

simon snowflake
3rd June 2001, 23:03
Well i must say that i really liked the old site, and i had to ajust when the new version came up. but now I'm used to this and i love it, so that makes 29,001 to 3

3rd June 2001, 23:44
sorry guys im w/new so that makes 29,002 ;)

3rd June 2001, 23:59
Make that 29003 :)

I have a tendency to like websites that live in little boxes, although I have a 17" screen...

4th June 2001, 00:20
I'm 800x600- and I like it just the way it is- white is much easier on the eyes. But they have mentioned before eventually the colors will be customizable; so... everyone should be happy no matter what colors they prefer :)

Picaune News
4th June 2001, 01:40
Look! I'm old enough to know the old site! I just didn't sign up for forumage until June of 1999 and lost my password to my other account, picaune.

And besides! The new site won't show up on my school's computers! It only shows ads in Navigator 3.2 Gold!


Sorry. I had a really rough week, even though I went to Paramount Kings Dominion from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm Friday.

4th June 2001, 04:08
Originally posted by Xerxes
But they have mentioned before eventually the colors will be customizable; so... everyone should be happy no matter what colors they prefer :)

Unless, of course, if you own a monochrome monitor :p

4th June 2001, 04:12
Netscape Navigator 3.x gold (3.5 for me) was probably the best internet browser ever. Browsers have just gotten bigger which isnt all that better. Look at suv's, gas hogs, or america, too big to power itself hehe.

I guess i just like old stuff the way it is but if you can customize the ugly colors of this site than I guess that will be better.

(driving for six hours on I5 is not fun)

4th June 2001, 10:10
I remember how the winamp site looked back in 1999, it had black>dark gray striped background and maroon title lines. And Website navagation of the left side.

4th June 2001, 10:23
Just stop using tables for layout, separate content from styling, and use CSS for styling, and the site will be far more accessible even for ancient browsers.

15th October 2001, 04:06
well what if we like out table layouts? and what if we can use css within our table layouts? if you can not see how css and table layouts can be combine you don't know css very well.

15th October 2001, 05:46
For grouping blocks of content so they can be precisely positioned and sized by CSS, there's the <div> tag.

HTML tables aren't intended for doing layouts. They are for arranging data that in the first place are best represented in table form, e.g. a portion of an Excel worksheet.

When tables are used for positioning and sizing, you emphasize the geometry and relative position of the cells, rather than the significance of the contents. That destroys the original purpose of HTML, which is to mark up content according to their roles in the document structure (headline, unordered lists, paragraphs etc.)

19th October 2001, 06:13
i think i will keep my pages inside tables for the time being. if html wasn't made for table layouts i will use table layouts because i can. if its not flexible it breaks.

19th October 2001, 08:43
Originally posted by whiteflip
because i canYeah, yeah, just like you can theoretically lay out your websites using nothing but Excel spreadsheet tables. :rolleyes: