View Full Version : Need to improve Skins Search Engine

Elwin B. Coldiron
3rd June 2001, 23:22
The main problem is that when I try to find a skin (example: Battle Angel, Battle Angel Alita, Gunnm, ect.), I keep getting a "no results" answer. Now, I know that in the Anime section, there are are the skins I want, but I don't exactly know the name of the designer of the skin. Personally, the skins should be grouped not only by catagory, but also sub-catagory (Anime>Battle Angel-Alita-Gally-Gunnm).

simon snowflake
3rd June 2001, 23:41
yeah right, then we end up with 1000 catagory's.

Picaune News
4th June 2001, 01:35
Fat chance they'll lift a finger: They're designing the looks for AOL 12.0 never to be released edition.