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5th June 2001, 02:09
this is just one example of their stupidity

tuesday at 8-10pm on WB is "i know what you did last summer"
tuesday at 9-11pm on USA is "i still know what you did last summer"


they are like fucking stupid or something.

John M
5th June 2001, 02:43

5th June 2001, 03:02
I don't get it; isn't the scond one a sequel?

5th June 2001, 03:36
yes. It starts halfway into the first one.

5th June 2001, 03:57
yeah, thats what im saying. they could atleast play the second one AFTER the first.

tivo, i barely convinced my parents to get a cable modem, yeah right there gonna get tivo too.

John M
5th June 2001, 10:23
ya got 2 vcr's? no problem then. btw, the scedule thing was a coincidence. the wb and usa are in no way related. cbs owns usa networks.

5th June 2001, 10:40
Can't you record the second on a VCR while you watch the 1st?

5th June 2001, 12:20
Why watch them in the first place...
Couple of the worst movies I've ever seen..

Lucid DM
5th June 2001, 15:54
I'd have to agree with weedsatan. Those movies suck.
What are your favourite movies everyone?

simon snowflake
5th June 2001, 16:18
The title of the movies never made me even look at them, Sounds so cheap.

favorite movies:
Hellraiser I + II + III + IV + V
Natural born Killers
Dusk to Dawn
Pulp Fiction
Star Wars IV+V
The Cube
Reservoir Dogs

Lucid DM
5th June 2001, 16:25
The Cube is actually pretty cool.

simon snowflake
5th June 2001, 16:59
yeah, and that for a low-budget movie

5th June 2001, 17:07
i think there wuz this post in the GD forum once 'bout movies.
mine are:

Empire Records
Idle Hands
Jakob the Liar
being human

i'm too tired to think 'bout mroe right now.

5th June 2001, 18:18
i wasnt planning on watchin them (well, maybe)
but i was just pointing out how stupid tv station are.

6th June 2001, 00:46
i boycotted most major networks,,, cbs, nbc,abc cuz they just play moronic rubbish during primetime. :(

now... all i watch is history channel, weather channel, FX, and sometimes TNN :D (don't laugh, they have miami vice)

but on the list above, where's ghost dog?
that movie approaches clerks for low budget to coolness ratio... /* if there is such a thing */

-- f u n k _ b o t --

6th June 2001, 01:27
no comment;)

i watch the history channel too/

by the way, im watching "i still know what you did last summer"

but only cause #******* is dead

6th June 2001, 03:59
Kryste, whatta pathetic bitch!

Get a life, turn off the computer or tv, and realize that their is shti happening out there without you.

6th June 2001, 04:23
Originally posted by Xerxes
Can't you record the second on a VCR while you watch the 1st?

Yes, most VCR's (as far as I know - I've owned 2 RCA's) have a TV/VCR function that allows you to do anything you want with the TV as the VCR is recording a certain channel.

Of course I rarely use it because I like cutting out commercials when I record things from TV.

But then again, I don't tape TV-movies because so much is either cut out or bleeped out, or worse yet, replaced by other words (such as "Oh SHIT!" being replaced by "A ship!" in Lethal Weapon 4).

6th June 2001, 14:07
yeah, on tv its all cut and bleeped/

his voice says "shithead" but he says "stupidhead"


11th June 2001, 21:50
The Cube is good until about halfway into the movie, when that guy starts doing the stuff (hey, I didn't want to spoil it)

A really good movie is The Big Lebowski!! Watch it now!

16th June 2001, 02:21
well, movies aren't all they're cracked up to be anyways.