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7th June 2001, 10:05
Iv'e already chatted about this with the #******* people now I want to share this with the rest of you. A few days ago over at eBay.com this guy was selling high capacity SDRAM mudules for low prices. I ended up winning one of his auctions for a "512 MB PC133 SDRAM" for only $70, not a bad deal IF the item he was selling was that, but, the asswipe blatently mislead the ad and he was actually selling 64 MB sdrams, what a cock. Luckily I never sent him the money. I feel sorry for the people that did. I left him a negative feedback for what he did. This was not cool.

Anyhoo, check out his feedback profile:



My username is the one with the most points: sharksfan2001 :D

7th June 2001, 10:41
yeah i heard of that jackass... what a jackass.

John M
7th June 2001, 15:46
bad apple (now hold your tounge and say it)

7th June 2001, 16:45
ouch! good thing you didnt send the money.

9th June 2001, 01:09
I like how in the feedback somebody said they were going to go after him :D

John M
9th June 2001, 03:06
QUOTE: I'm headed to Memphis. I'm gonna find this crook if it's the last thing I do.