View Full Version : Really screwy CD burning problem.

8th June 2001, 20:35
I'm completely stumped on why this is happening and it's pissing me off:

I downloaded some MP3's and burned onto a CD-R, the same CD-R's I've been using for weeks with no problems. According to Easy CD Creator v3.5, the "CD was created successfully". But no CD player in my house can play it! My stereo can play CD-R's just fine, always has, but not this one. The REALLY WEIRD thing is when I put this bogus CD-R in my computer, Winamp can play it and displays CD Track 1, 2, on up to 14. So why can Winamp play this CD but my CD player can't?

9th June 2001, 01:06
Because Adaptec just plain sucks. Scrap it and get Nero - Burning ROM (http://www.nero.com/en/index2.htm), and get a crack for it at Astalavista's Ultrasearch (http://astalavista10.box.sk/cgi-bin/robot).

9th June 2001, 01:15
naughty naughty

10th June 2001, 17:10
It wasn't Adaptec screwing things up. CDRWin wouldn't even burn. I've fixed the problem though. Easy CD Creator's help file suggested defragging as a possible fix, so I said to myself:

"Nate, when was the last time you defragged your hard drive?"
"Uh, er, um, ah...."

So after a 3 HOUR defrag, everything works again.

This is supposed to be an embarassed smilie, but it looks more like it's yawning --> :o