View Full Version : I hate to be reminded...

9th June 2001, 08:03
... that Nullsoft is owned by AOL.

Everybody here knows the latest Winamp client is available from http://download.nullsoft.com/winamp/client/. But sometimes I'll neglect to type the trailing slash (i.e. the URL I type becomes http://download.nullsoft.com/winamp/client) and the browser is redirected to http://ftp26e.newaol.com/winamp/client/ (http://ftp26e.newaol.com/winamp/client/) (which seems non-existent). Yikes! I hate that! :mad:

Lucid DM
9th June 2001, 09:25
Why does AOL own, like, EVERYTHING?! Lameass bastards :(

Bilbo Baggins
9th June 2001, 14:30
Because they have money. Lots of money.

And they do not own everything. Look outside your window (i know that is hard), and tell me waht you see that AOL owns. The sky? The trees? The tramp in the gutter pissing up your flower bed?

9th June 2001, 23:35
/Me looks out window...

ACK!! Sunlight! :eek:

Lucid DM
10th June 2001, 00:17
"AOL-TIME-WARNER: We give a whole new meaning to the word 'monopoly'."