View Full Version : Why can't we fight back against those pissant little BOMBERS?

10th June 2001, 15:49
I have been reading the threads about these jealous little no-talent, quickskin using twerps who lately have been spending their nose-picking downtime running through the skins pages and bombing all the good skins into oblivion for fun. I have seen many talented individuals talking about pulling their skins and abandoning ship just out of frustration. I myself have had 2 skins go from 4 1/2 stars to the toilet each within 3 hours of making it to 4 1/2 star status.

Now I know that every serious artist (in any medium) is going to get some criticism... thats a fact of life. But lets face it, these JERKS aren't being critics, they're being blatantly malicious.

I say we fight back. Why can't we post links to our work on here, and help each other by 5 starring ourselves back up to where we belong? If enough people do it, we can cancel out the little twerps and take back our skins.

I know the whole "star" thing is no big deal, and ordinarily I wouldn't care. But it's not about stars, it's about a group of pimply little gits publicly urinating on our work. Its insulting. If you got bombed unfairly then post a link here, and I will personally go in and rate you back up where you belong.

If you deserve it, you get 5 stars. If you dont, then you either get no review or nothing lower than what you have already. If you waste my time with a 10 minute quick skin, then you get shredded. And just to prove I'm not some attention-whore, I won't even link to mine until I see if this idea flies.

So lets do it. Serious artists, serious reviews, serious critique. 'Cause I'm seriously pissed.

10th June 2001, 21:26
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