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11th June 2001, 14:50
i've tried to use old good turbo pascal 7 today (fucking homework....). whenever i link crt module, i get run-time error 200: division by 0 on start. geez... it turned out that those fucking assholes didn't even provide an official patch, i've had to search for third-party hacks. their newer tools suck as well - programs written in delphi tend to crash whenever system resources go low (i've still got winme. oh well); shit compiled with all 'modern' borland compilers is easy to recognize (funny-looking user iterface, huge executables, lame ass "run-time error" messages, some other weird behaviors - see: SNESAmp config window).

11th June 2001, 16:23
speaking of compilers.... is there any free C compiler other than Borland's?

11th June 2001, 16:41
free compilers ? pirated msvc ;)
try GCC (http://gcc.gnu.org/) and DJPP (can't find any good link)

11th June 2001, 16:47
*profuse thanks thrown about willy-nilly*

11th June 2001, 21:13
Originally posted by PP
programs written in delphi tend to crash whenever system resources go low (i've still got winme. oh well);

No, only poorly written programs... and stop using that piece of shit WinME! ;P

13th June 2001, 08:10

Free. But I haven't tested it (yet), so don't know if it's good. :)

Just saw that you were looking for a C compiler, well anyway I'm going to leave this link here for all those die-hard TP people. :)

13th June 2001, 17:14
about winme - this shit is on my main development system and i can't afford any OS mess here. i'll rather wait for some oportunity to get win2k than downgrade to old good 98se.
about delphi - i use ftp/http client called 'net vampire' (written in delphi) and it's pretty-damn-good, but it becomes totally screwed up when resources go low (and mallocs start returning nulls) - looks like it constantly does dynamic memory allocation operations. i am sure that it is possible to bypass delphi class shit and use raw win32 calls, but nobody seems to do it that way.
freepascal might be good, but nobody seriously uses pascal these days...

13th June 2001, 17:23
Yeah... I never really understood why MS limited the amount of resources in Win9x, it really sucks, since you can be using only 25% of your available RAM but get a "the system is dangerously low on resources!" error.

RM: check this link (http://www.google.com/search?q=free+C+compiler).

13th June 2001, 22:23
Bill Gates : "640 KB should be enough for everyone" .

About Borland's C compilers - I really don't have time to try them. Maybe the technology itself is pretty good, but most of programs build with them use lame ass VCL library (which sucks even more than Micro$oft's MFC) and have annoying error-checking ('run-time errors') which tends to cause even worse problems and lead to BSODs.

14th June 2001, 15:46
Borland huh?
They're C compilers are supposed to be good.
Pascal? Dunno. Maybe do a web search?
Check out http://www.devx.com and

I dunno. Good luck.