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11th June 2001, 19:28
Yes...I remember a time when the bitchlist was all that and a bag of chips (I know it's corny..but shut the hell up. fool :) )...
And yeah..I remember when a certain few bitched that the bitchlist was taking all the fun and interest out of GD...
And of course...I remember how much fun it was posting here and reading through the threads...it didn't feel like a chore...
And then there's all the great convos that went here (that are probably archived by now =/)
And it wasn't even that long ago...a few months..
So what the fuck happened?

11th June 2001, 19:32
SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!:mad:

oops....im sorry. midget was getting to me

please forgive me.....mommy

11th June 2001, 19:38
Just like is says in my sig...

The forums have gone to shit. http://forums.civfanatics.com/ubb/shakehead_ron.gif

Lucid DM
11th June 2001, 19:47
How so have the forums gone to shit.
It's rebuilding to its former, euphorically happy self no? :D

11th June 2001, 19:55
only change I can see is signatures like gigabyte's. he's only been here since november, so maybe it's just him, eh?

11th June 2001, 19:57
Originally posted by the goddess of my own religion
...I remember how much fun it was posting here and reading through the threads...it didn't feel like a chore...

11th June 2001, 20:02
SlK is right though. Used to be the level of bitching was better than "gee things aren't as good a they used to be. That's a pretty fucking lamo bitch in my book.
Here's my bitch. Too many people writing boring posts about how boring things are, rather than coming up with something not boring. Maybe if all those people who are bored leave, only the interesting people will remain.

11th June 2001, 20:19
The newbie bitches just plain suck!
We used to have a crop of bitches that were anally retented;) of things that SLK wanted from them. You bitches need to bow down and behold the power of pussy!....Errr, kitten!:p

11th June 2001, 21:06
Hey, I could bitch about sig images some more if you'd like... and post that big hypocritical banner sig image...

12th June 2001, 02:38
I know what ya mean...I used to post in here everyday continually, but then people who had nothing better to do than sit here and insult people turned me off to the whole forums thing for quite awhile. So I left, reflected on life for a bit and now I'm back hoping that this time maybe people will have brightened up just a bit....

12th June 2001, 03:13
yep same here.

12th June 2001, 03:34
Whatcha talking about, Willis? You never leave the forums, even to look at the sun.

12th June 2001, 03:36
so? whats your point

and i can see the sun from my window:D
besides right now, im camping out at my mailbox

12th June 2001, 05:10
Okay okay okay. I got a bitch. I just filled up my car with gas and thought I was getting the deal of a lifetime for finding it under $2.00 a gallon. So two blocks later more or less I see Gas for $.30 a gallons cheaper. Damn. That would have saved me around $4.50. That is just not right that we are being so ripped off by gas companies. I can think of better uses for my money than to make rich gas company executives even richer.

12th June 2001, 10:32
I see gas in San Jose all the time for around $1.80-$2.00.

I don't have a car so I don't care. :D

12th June 2001, 16:37
Once somewhere near to where I live we could get gas for $0.08/Gallon, only for an hour though.

Story behind it: This price of the gas was controlled by a computerized satelite thingy. The satelite cut off some other digets. An hour later when the satelite updated the price it went back to normal. It was on the news. There was also a very short line to get gas. :)

12th June 2001, 17:48
See what I mean :rolleyes: :)
But this forum had such great threads with topics about the meaning of life and about love and shit...and it was just so cool and interesting....Now all I see in here is bitching about skins or plug ins or gas =/
Have we all become that boring? :D ;) :)

12th June 2001, 19:03
I was just going to bitch that an SLK thread had gone to shit.


13th June 2001, 00:40
Originally posted by watadoo
Maybe everyone's life, love, angst, pathos, bathos and general hysteria are all in perfect working order. Aren't your's SLK??

HAHA! Yeah right :)
And Chev: exactly what was running through my head

16th June 2001, 16:09
i registered in jan., started posting heavily everyday in feburary and continued until i think it was march they started declining, then i go somewhere & dont post for a week and come back and hear slk is leaving, and the forums go to total shit. so now i stop by maybee once a day or every couple days to post a couple things and leave.

16th June 2001, 16:29

We need another lame ad thread or something to bring back the good old days. Or a waffle skinning contest? Or free oreos for the moderators?

19th June 2001, 02:21
say - who keeps all the old archived threads, that aren't on the site anymore? Are they out of the general population's grasp once they have been archived? Would be kinda interesting to see some of them...