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12th June 2001, 04:04
Winamp..PLEASE!! Take the comments part out of the reviews!!! I am soooooo sick and tired of the "Four Letter Punk Brigrade" that has been allowed to run rampant through the archives. :mad::mad::mad:

Some jerk went through all the car skins and even though he gave them all 5 stars, his comment is ridiculous and all he did was curse! I am not a prude, far from it, but just once I would like to be able to give the link for a skin to friends and family (whether it be mine or one from the Skin Love regulars that I would like to share) and NOT have to double check the reviews for content first. There is NO LOGICAL REASON to allow this! 1001 doesn't allow it? Why should Winamp?? For a company thats owned by a supposed "Family Friendly" parent company (AOL) they're doing a piss poor job of monitoring it for content. They have the nerve to censor skins that while adult, are beautifully crafted works of art and they leave the spews of mispsent youth and social rejects up for all to see. It makes NO SENSE! Forums are one thing, I, like the next person like a good place to rant and rave, but geeeez clean up the archives already! They're defacing other people's hard work with this garbage!

Do something about this site! It's going downhill fast! Ever since you opened reviews to the public this site has become an embarrasment. Keep the public ratings, but ditch the reviews. There's just too many people out there who don't have a clue! or a vocabulary. :rolleyes:

12th June 2001, 20:55
Out of nearly 37000 skins on Winamp.com, currently there is ONLY ONE SKIN IN THE 5 STAR CATEGORY! Just about an hour before I posted this, there weren't any listed there in that category. Either this means most of the skins submitted to Winamp suck, or it's just that people's opinions on skins vary greatly.
I suppose I could demand that the Winamp crew mop up some of the offensive, duplicate, or crappy skins, but chances are, they're short staffed and have bigger issues to deal with. Maybe they could let some of the trusted, long time members of this forum volunteer to "clean up" the skins section? Just a thought...

12th June 2001, 21:11
Originally posted by brady
...offensive, duplicate, or crappy skins...

As with the offensive and crappy skins, I believe that they've made a point to have skin submitted available (although not very promptly), no matter how much it sucks or how offensive it is.

However, there has been an effort made to delete all of the dulplicates and rips, and email the creator to stop with the ripping. There are huge efforts of this in the skin love forum, but it's just not enough to keep it all cool.

12th June 2001, 23:01
the skin reviewers have to review a HUGE amount of skins, and sometimes the will see a truly outstanding skin and give it five stars. but then alot of the time some dumbass will come and say 'this skin sux' on the review and give it a three star rating, thus moving the rating down to 4 1/2 or 4 stars, removing it from the five star skin page.