View Full Version : my shoulder hurts... :-/

14th June 2001, 01:35
Godamnit!!!, I fell off my bike last week and landed on my shoulder. It still hurts! Good thing it's not swelled up to 3 times its size like it was the day after.

14th June 2001, 01:44
oh yeah?well i got some bad cheese.

now thats a bitch.

John M
14th June 2001, 02:04
heh. bike crashes. i have a large scar on my arm from crashing when i was 8, and then i have a crescent shape scar on my leg from last summer. i was toolin along, and then my hand slipped and my knee went down on the tire. still had some of those little rubber thingies on the side. burnt it up pretty good.

14th June 2001, 03:54
I have the flu :(
And exams next week :(:(
I hope I get better.

chiquita chad
14th June 2001, 04:07
i have bronchitis which isnt receeding... i think the medication is making it stronger

14th June 2001, 05:35
Ha! You're all a bunch of gimps! ;D