View Full Version : Get this sh!t out of the plugins area!

A Plugin Developer
14th June 2001, 05:48
It was bad enough when AVS presets took over the plugins area of Winamp.com... now it seems skins for MikroAmp are being accepted as plugins!

So why is this bad you ask?

Because developers that actually write "PLUGINS" (not AVS presets or MikroAmp skin sets) get their shit lumped into the same AVS-preset-heavy plugin database.

Come on Nullsoft, stop writing your propaganda articles for a minute and make a separate section for AVS presets & perhaps a subsection for MikroAmp skins sets under the skins section.


14th June 2001, 08:40
The skins and plug-ins sections of this web site have been in a total mess for months now. The only thing you can do is wait for the people in charge to take care of this. I feel sorry for you, I know how exasperating it is but this whole situation doesn't depend on you or me.

14th June 2001, 08:53
yea, that pisses me off too. i'll talk to the authorities about it

14th June 2001, 18:04
thats always bothered me.
i try searching for plugins and there is a shitload of AVS presets (there is even a skinning program in the general plugin section!!)