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15th June 2001, 19:33
Does anyone know how much this thing sucks! It's horrible. The visualization sucks, as does the media player itself. It sucks up so much memory and resources that I can't do anything but listen to the crap M$ considers music. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

15th June 2001, 20:00
Haven't I heard this bitch before :D

15th June 2001, 23:17
Welcome to the boards, hekk04. :) May I suggest a better music player (http://www.winamp.com/download/)? :D

16th June 2001, 02:11
yeah, i've been using winamp since ver. 1.45, but on my Win2K box, CD's don't play so well, do i started to play them with WMP, which i now regret.

16th June 2001, 02:29

Check it out. :)

16th June 2001, 02:33
tried. no luck with that, or anything else suggested in the forums.

16th June 2001, 02:36
Bummer. :(

Time for a new cd-rom drive, maybe? :D

16th June 2001, 02:43
well, it's a practacly brand new DVD-ROM drive, and the same thing happens with the CD-RW drive, so this must be Win2K's problem. Damn Micro$soft

16th June 2001, 02:54
Oh, I got'cha...

I guess it's time to upgrade to Win98SE then, huh? :D

16th June 2001, 03:02
my Win98SE disc is long gone, only a friends pirated WinME disc is here in front of me. should i? or will the guilt overwhelm me until i break down and buy a legal copy. decisions, decisions.

16th June 2001, 04:42
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Long live Media Player 6.4


hekk- does Win2k's built in cd-player also not work? Is it only WMP that plays cds? In that case:

Windows Explorer/My Computer
Right Click on DVD ROM drive icon
Device settings tab
Check "Use Digital Audio"

Otherwise, win2k won't make use of the audio cable connecting your drive to your motherboard.