View Full Version : I'm losing interest in my computer

16th June 2001, 10:33
I used to love using Amiga computers and then the emulators but PC's will never compare the experience is not the same my emulator is now on a drive that wont boot because im still trying to fix that 20 GB Slave Drive search for that post if you have tips but thats not why im writing my free isp is too slow for audio/video streaming and now the internet WWW no longer stands for world wide web it stands for Why are We Waiting Even local intranets dont givce the speeds promised on the kit boxes. I used to like photo Framing with electronically designed frames but since I bought the last ink refil I got cautious not to use iyt for things personal so there will ebe enough for dad to print his spread-sheets for work. I gave the computer up and watched my startrek videos instead but im bored of that too now so I tried to listen to my favorite mp3's but the real good ones are gone and its getting even harder to get a good connection for download as these software designs are being discovered. Not Even The latest movies interest me - todays movies are not as great as classic movies they are absolute crap i don't know why i bother. My energy levels are low and im bored out of my skull i have no photo-drivers-liscence transport and a terrible flu is preventing me from getting an interview for a position at Mc Donalds for a job so im stuck at home and doing Jack Shit Because I own nothing special! My Girlfriend Katherine lives on the other side of town so its difficult to get a chance to visit and as i type this nearly 20 minutes has passed so i have to post this soon or i will get auto-disconnect and be kept off by 10-32pm (Peak Hour Traffic to ZFREE my free isp)

17th June 2001, 10:29
You need the fu-fme (http://www.fu-fme.com/) device.

17th June 2001, 10:50
you also need to use periods (.)

17th June 2001, 20:13
You need a hobby.

Drawing, writing, making music... try something. :-D

18th June 2001, 11:46
I was getting sick of my free ISP, too. I switched to a cheap ISP... http://www.surfbest.net ...it's only $12.50 a month. That's about as cheap as it gets for unlimmeted access. If that ISP doesn't work for you head over to... http://www.ispcheck.com/access/ ...and search for one that does. I'm sure you can talk you dad out of $12.50 a month. Maybe you could earn it, buy cutting the grass, taking out the trash, washing his car, and stuff like that. Oh yeah, and since you're a Star Wars fan... You should check this out... http://www.asciimation.co.nz/ About your bordem. Maybe you need a dog? Head over to... http://www.pottersk9.com/ ...they have lot's of great puppies to pick from. Well, I hope I have been of some help. Life is what you make of it, so make it with as many people as posible!!! :)

19th June 2001, 01:48
maybe you could try a life ... away from the internet?! Yeah, it sounds daring I know... personally I have never tried such a hazardous thing... but some friends of mine say they have tried it with great success.