View Full Version : Useless Search Engine!#$$#@#%

16th June 2001, 13:22
On the homepage for Skins, Winamp has went out of their way to put "Yahoo" like categories for easy browsing of skins. They also put up a search feature. This is all good, however....

On the same homepage there is a category called "Human" and listed under that category is the entry "Tiger Woods". However, when you do a "search" for Tiger Woods it returns nothing!

WTF $%#@^@$%^#$^***$^#$%^#$ It must be a microsoft search engine!

16th June 2001, 14:54
And No one sees this as a problem?!

17th June 2001, 10:25
And no one sees this as a problem.

Garbage In, Garbage Out. Poor titling and poor descriptions give poor search results. Fair enough.

18th June 2001, 11:58
The author search doesn't seem to work either. :(