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18th June 2001, 21:58
Same.. well bye.

no wait!

Hows about we all play musical sausage!!??

the game is simple; you link together Band Names (and/or Song Names if you want) to form a line (or sausage)

put song names in quotes so people dont get confused..


(hed) Planet Earth
Earth, Wind and Fire

:D yeah, i know, i never post..

chiquita chad
18th June 2001, 22:41
do we have to continue from urs?
well i will anwho...
btw, congrats on finally posting

"We didn't start the fire" (billy joel)

19th June 2001, 01:20
nonono, you can start your own..

(i got a post in my thread, yaay)

chiquita chad
19th June 2001, 01:32
i was gonna say....
this coulda became another Word Association thread...

i think someone needs to start an Ink Blobs thread

19th June 2001, 10:07
Also see:

19th June 2001, 16:02
"Wait and Bleed"
"Bleed to love her"
"her jazz"
"jazz will eat itself"

c'mon, it's fun!