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the real Slade
19th June 2001, 03:07
for those who dont know where the hell the subject came from
go to http://www.megatokyo.com

anyways thats besides the point my bitch today is about the dreaded DOM's DAY...

why the fuck do they even put it in??? its so pointless and
its not even funny...

apart from that i like everything about megatokyo...

r0c|K 0|\| 1337 G4|\/|3r5 cy4 |\|3X7 7||\/|3

19th June 2001, 03:47
heh, Megatokyo rocks, hands down. Which comic exactly are you complaining about? Post a link or something: most all of the one's I've read are awesome.

the real Slade
19th June 2001, 04:04
|>u|>3 411 0F 7|-|3 57|c|< F|GUR3 0|\|35,7|-|3Y 411 5UC|<!!
(dude all of the stick figure ones, they all suck!!)

|>|3 F00
(die fool)

|\/|3G4 70|<Y0 R0c|<5!!!
(mega tokyo rocks!!!)

19th June 2001, 04:21
well, the drawings suck, yeah... but they still can be pretty funny. Still the drawings do detract a bit from the humour of the comic...

r0c|K 0|\| 1337 G4|\/|3r5 cy4 |\|3X7 7||\/|3
could you translate that one too? Thanks: I got the Rock on leet...after that it's a bit muddled.

19th June 2001, 10:12
"Rock on leet gamers, cya next time"

Even i knew that, and i'm not "elite" or whatever you call it.

John M
19th June 2001, 12:14
yeah, i got that one easily too. usually i cant read all that leet speak.

19th June 2001, 17:36
ah, I see it now... as you can tell I'm quite new at this. Is there some purpose for making it all difficult to read? Is it supposed to look cool or something?

20th June 2001, 02:15
|\|0, +|-|3r3'5 4B50|_u+3|_'/ |\|0 r3450|\| +0 \/\/r1+3 1|\| |_33+...


the real Slade
20th June 2001, 03:31
|+5 0|\|1Y C0|\|fU5||\|G +0 84K45 1||<3 y0u 13PR341 :p
U 4R3 5UC|-| 4 |\|3|/\|8 :)

8+|/\| 5G+FUz8U881399 |+5 4 |/\|4Y f0r U5 +0 |-|4V3 fU|\|
|/\||+|-| 411 0f +|-|053 |\|0|\| 1337 pp1Z


| 4|\/| +|-|3 1337357

its nice to know some pplz do read megatokyo too...

20th June 2001, 13:54
Originally posted by the real Slade
|+5 0|\|1Y C0|\|fU5||\|G +0 84K45 1||<3 y0u 13PR341 :p

oo... ouch. I think that part was directed at me, huh? Dang... all that work and you don't even know how to spell 'quickly'... you might wanna start with english before you start learning '|_33+'

| 4|\/| +|-|3 1337357

really? Because you can write words only by using numbers, or some other real reason? Heh, look forward to trying to interpret your next heiroglyphics... hehe. :D

the real Slade
28th June 2001, 05:48
Thats 1337 not |_33+ Lepre41

hey its not a good comeback but i think you read the
dictionary before you even attempted to spell
heiroglyphics otherwise you'd look like a complete dick :p

till next time Lepre41 or whoever else wants to have a
crack at me...

28th June 2001, 20:24
They have "Dom's Day" because Piro couldn't get a comic up that day... do you even read Piro's 'rants' in the newsbox at the bottom?

29th June 2001, 11:56
|-|3y, 1 4|\/| 73H 31337 l33t p0571n9 |\/|@5T3|2 aR0u|\||) |-|3R3. :)

P|-|33r |\/|3 0r |)13 5u(|<3r5!!!!!

29th June 2001, 14:17
I'm skeered. :D

1st July 2001, 15:26
Originally posted by the real Slade
Thats 1337 not |_33+ Lepre41

Hrm, I guess things have changed since back in my day. I always spelled "leet" as |33+.

the real Slade
3rd July 2001, 02:14
P|-|33R |-||5 1337 8|ZZ|\|47(|-|||\|G 5|K|115 http://www.mpz.co.uk/cwm/otn/laughing/yelrotflmao.gif ROFLMAO Bizznatch

ecstatic: hell no i just read it for the comics i couldnt
care less about the rants...

now piro and seraphim have gone on a holiday and we can do
up some comics... i'll be damed if i try to draw as good as
them... graffiti yes but manga/anime no, not one of my 1337
5|<|115 oh and btw

Bizznatch http://www.contrabandent.com/pez/contrib/ut1/mgwhore.gif
|)|3 f00

5th July 2001, 03:38
Originally posted by the real Slade
Thats 1337 not |_33+ Lepre41

I used sgtfuzzbubble99's spelling of 1337, |_33+... considering that it's jibberish in the first place I guess it doesn't really matter how it's spelled, as long as it looks like garbage, huh? :D

ah, now the real test... who's 13373|2, Bizznatch or the real Slade? Hmmm... sounds like a showdown...

the real Slade
5th July 2001, 03:56
now whos speaking jibberish wtf is the 2 for in "13373|2"
in all of my 1337 years i have never seen the character 2
in 1337... :rolleyes:

well your right on one thing i guess it doesnt matter how
it looks just as long as we can read it...

P|-|33R |-||5 1337 8|ZZ|\|47(|-|||\|G 5|K|115 http://www.mpz.co.uk/cwm/otn/laughing/yelrotflmao.gif ROFLMAO Bizznatch

5th July 2001, 12:39
The 2 is used as an |2 or R...

6th July 2001, 07:08
thanks, phisherman. Bizznatch used |2 to spell master (|\/|@5T3|2) so I figured that was a typical replacement. Sorry... I'm still a complete newbie at this 1337 stuff... slowly but surely I am trying to pick it up :D.

9th July 2001, 00:22
That IS a typical replacement. Arright, time to come in and straighten things out AGAIN!

NORMAL |33+ ASCII ¦££†
A 4 Alt+0192 through 0197 ÀÁÂÃÄÅ
B |3 Alt+0223 ß
C < Alt+0169 © or Alt+0162 ¢
D |) Alt+0208 Ð
E 3 Alt+0200 through 0203 ÈÉÊË or Alt+0163 £
F |= Alt+0131 ƒ
G 9 G
H |-| H
I | Alt+0161 ¡
K |< K
L |_ Alt+0163 £ or Alt+0166 ¦
M |\/| M
N |\| Alt+0209 Ñ
O 0 Alt+0216 Ø or Alt+0210 through 0214 ÒÓÔÕÖ
P P Alt+0254 þ
R |2 Alt+0174 ®
S 5 Alt+0167 § or Alt+0138 Š
T + Alt+0134 † or Alt+0177 ±
U |_| Alt+0181 µ or Alt+0217 through 0220 ÙÚÛÜ
V \/ V
W \/\/ W
X >< Alt+0215 ×
Y `/ Alt+0165 ¥ or Alt+0221 Ý

If anyone has any changes to this list, feel free to edit it if you're a moderator or if you're not, bug a moderator to do it for you.

P.S. I typed out most of the ASCII ¦££† by memory, including the codes. I'm just a pathetic, washed-up HÅ×Ø®.

9th July 2001, 02:13
Dizamn, dude. :eek:

9th July 2001, 02:29
What can I say? It's the weekend, I'm bored as hell and have nothing better to do; so I sit on the Winamp Forums and write The Comprehensive Guide to |33+! ;)

9th July 2001, 02:50
Well, I must say that's a very nice guide you made there. :)

9th July 2001, 20:59
Thanks Sarge! :)

9th July 2001, 21:33
can leet speak threads please be put in the world domination forum? we don't want their kind here

10th July 2001, 02:09
man, I'm impressed... most all from memory... that's kinda scary. Thanks, tho :) ... it is a very helpful guide. However... we have sorta deviated from the usual bitching nature of this forum... oh well.

10th July 2001, 02:45
wow! from memory, thats scary:eek:

10th July 2001, 02:50
Originally posted by nateJC

P.S. I typed out most of the ASCII ¦££† by memory, including the codes. I'm just a pathetic, washed-up HÅ×Ø®.

No, what would be scary is if I typed out ALL of BOTH KINDS of |33+ from memory! And actually I lied in the above statement, I didn't know all that many codes but I knew a lot of the symbols.

10th July 2001, 12:28
‹^› ‹{ð¿ð}› ‹^›

11th July 2001, 13:24
Originally posted by Forevever
<^> <{ð¿ð}> <^>


Ever seen ASCII porn? :D