View Full Version : Someone is Plagiarizing Skins

21st June 2001, 00:24
I don't know if this is happening to anyone else, but have a look at this:


I published that skin two years ago, like it says.

Now look at this one:


I can't tell the difference. It's not like I think its the best skin ever made, but it pisses me of that someone is stealing my work.

Mr Jones
21st June 2001, 00:29
Then go to the following thread and report it....


John M
21st June 2001, 00:58
even if it is a skinner skin, it shouldnt be ripped.

21st June 2001, 01:24
I didn't know there was a specific forum to report this kind of thing. You made my day.

simon snowflake
22nd June 2001, 16:05
we in skin love have that thread, because allmost the only thing we talk about is our skinning projects and stuff.
and nobody likes ripping (unless it's authorized)

chiquita chad
22nd June 2001, 16:25
seriously, why would you rip a skinner skin?

maybe he just used the same pic and put it thru a skinner

19th July 2001, 23:18
It's not really a skinner skin. The background was created with a skinner, but the sliders and buttons were created manually.