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22nd June 2001, 19:25
I am sitting at work, minding my business... and guess what? Our department gets a brand new shipment of about a hundred phones. So our wonderfull staff hook them up... but but hey.. whadya know.. The line isn't working right: however the phones can ring. Now every minute the phone will ring.. and ring..... and ring... and ring... you get the idea. A bottle of Advil doesn't help... my next remedy is [aaagh!!! there goes someone's cell phone! shut up!!] to go around and break every phone in the building.

Any advice on where to get some good earmufs, or something to blot out all this noise? I'm gonna go crazy if it doesn't stop....

Does anyone else hate phones? Or am I the only crazy one here..?

22nd June 2001, 19:55
Pones SUCK! I Keep my music up loud all the time so i dont gotta answer the door also.

22nd June 2001, 21:39
what the fuck are pones?

phones, dont use them, thats why i got Instant Messaging and e-mail.

22nd June 2001, 21:48
well, i didnt want to dobule post to fix my wasted reply.
PHONES any hoo
phones suck and being bothered when you dont want to be suck.

chiquita chad
22nd June 2001, 23:38
my phone plays the theme from Happy Days so i let it ring ring ring ring all day

23rd June 2001, 05:33
Originally posted by chiquita chad
my phone plays the theme from Happy Days so i let it ring ring ring ring all day

hehe... that's an idea. It would take much to get all the phones to ring to the tone of Bawitdaba by Kid Rock.... I dunno if my bosses would appreciate it much tho :D

23rd June 2001, 13:16
"It is a known fact that all men will eventually die and go to heaven- except the inventor of the telephone"

-Mark Twain

Bilbo Baggins
23rd June 2001, 13:24
I wish i had inventerd the phone. then i too would live forever muhahahahahaha