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25th June 2001, 07:03
Just found this after some random browsing: Enter Gnutella. Created and briefly released on the Web last year by programmers at America Online (AOL), it spread like wildfire before an embarrassed AOL managed to yank it away at http://abcnews.go.com/sections/scitech/DailyNews/010615_fileshare_mp3.html

What do i bitch about more, ABCNews for ignoring nullsoft, or AOL for buying it and getting the credit?

What's next? Winamp by AOL? Damn megacorporations.
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25th June 2001, 08:13
Wow! That is a really catchy sounding name! Let's have a poll to see how many users would be favourable to that potential name change.

25th June 2001, 08:50
You must have been one of the "silent minority" then.

true true quality above all. But really, AOL Media Player would have been, well, poo

25th June 2001, 12:35
i think everyone knows nullsoft made gnutella. its like
"the people who made winamp, made the ulimate filesharing program"

either, big buisness' dont want to ad the extra lines (cause technically AOL owns nullsoft, so it was made by AOL)

or, they have no freakin clue what they are talking about.

25th June 2001, 15:19
Originally posted by s1138
or, they have no freakin clue what they are talking about.

John M
26th June 2001, 11:31
DING!!! we have a winner! :D

27th June 2001, 02:58
You have to realize that AOL is more recognized than Nullsoft, therefore the media gets across to more people in their report of this.