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26th June 2001, 15:41
don't get me wrong, AVS 0wnz on my geForce2 GTS at home, even at 1024x768 @ 32bpp. but here at work, it's slow as fuck.

i'm running an Athlon Classic 600MHz with 128MB RAM, a 17GB hard drive, Win2K Pro SP2, Winamp 2.76, and whatever version of AVS comes with that. my video card might be the problem, though -- it's a "Matrox Graphics Millenium PCI" (that's what the driver says, so i'll trust it).

in fullscreen mode, at 640x480, with pixel doubling and the slider-bar set at "Higher Framerate", AVS is very choppy and slow. do i have a problem with the vid card, or is there a setting i can tweak in AVS? how do i get decent framerates so we can watch fullscreen AVS lovin' at work without bitching about crappy framerates?

Sheepy Deepy
26th June 2001, 18:38
You have to remember that fullscreen AVS is incredibly demanding on your system.

Try some of the visualisations designed for fullscreen mode...



27th June 2001, 03:21
nevermind ...

i got AVS to work at 512x384, 16bpp. it looks like ass, but it works. even with the shitty vid card.

also -- i was trying to get AVS to do that funky desktop thing -- you know, where AVS actually takes over your desktop background and the vis is rendered as your desktop? that didn't work. i made sure the color of the desktop and the color setting in AVS matched exactly (HSL=160,0,0; RGB=0,0,0) and both checkboxes were selected, but no dice. any word on that?