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27th June 2001, 20:12
ok check it, before you all murder me, i've already read every freakin post known to mankind about ripping mp3s and wavs from cds and all that mess. i know how to do it, it's easy, it's useful, yadda yadda. but i wanna know how to rip a wav straight from a cd, no, not how to rip an mp3 from a cd and then convert the mp3 into a wav, but turning the song into a wav the first time. i don't have time for progz like audiograbber because a) the demo version only lets you burn half of the songs on the cd and b) i can't find the old version anywhere which lets you burn all of the songs. by the way, CDex is so not kickin the funk, it takes FOREVER to convert an mp3 into a wav, WHOA LLAMA!!! i read all the tutorials on how to rip wavs from cd's, yes, i have all the plug-ins i need, but for some reason, it JUST DOESN'T WORK FOR ME!!! for the love of God, someone HELP ME!!!


27th June 2001, 20:26
More detail would be nice. What happens exactly, when you choose the Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in for output, then play a track from a CD? If nothing, then download the CD-Reader plug-in (http://www.url*****~copah/CDReader.htm) that you've probably read about

27th June 2001, 20:49
i use the cdreader plug-in for the input and the diskwriter plug-in for the output and NOTHING happens... i read all the READMEs and everything... i have no clue why nothing is happening

27th June 2001, 22:04

No need for a conniption, this one's pretty easy. It's just something that isn't mentioned in any README file or FAQ for some odd reason. Open Windows Explorer and go into the "C:\Program Files\Winamp\plugins" directory, find the file "in_cdda.dll" and rename it to "in_cdda.dll.goaway". Upon doing this, it will and your plug-ins will work properly.

A quick warning though, because the CDDB has shut down, you'll need to fix a setting in the CD Reader plug-in. Go into the CD Reader plug-in's configuration window, click the CDDB tab and change the "CDDB Server" to freedb.freedb.org

Yet another warning, if you have two CD-ROM drive ( let's call them X: and Y: ), the CD Reader plug-in is a bit of an idiot about finding them. It will show that you have a drive X: and drive Y:, but it will think they are the same drive. To correct this, go into the CD Reader plug-in's configuration window, then click on whichever drive is displayed incorrectly and click [Configure]. Change the ASPI device to the proper drive and the Read Speed to "Maximum" and that should set things straight.

Hope that helped!

29th June 2001, 19:20
ok slight problemo... i upgraded my version of winamp and now the file "in_cdda.dll" isn't even in my plug-ins folder anymore. doh!!! is that a bad thing?

1st July 2001, 04:43
No, just put the CDReader plugin in that folder instead. :)

1st July 2001, 15:20
Yeah, renaming the file is kind of a safety precaution, in case for some weird reason, you might want the old CD plug-in back again. You probably won't though, so if it's not there, don't worry. Just follow Sarge's advice and everything will be okay.

15th July 2001, 12:18
Whats Your Screen Res. The button For CD -> WAV might be off screen. In this case use the Menu Instead. Try This URL http://www.url*****~copah/cdreader.htm or http://home.hccnet.nl/th.v.d.gronde Cd Reader Line In And http://www.sundin.nu/ VIDAMP And Amarok Plugs. Although You Can Use These Plugs For Recording WAVS/MP3OUT You Should USE Wav then CDEX VBR for voice but whatever you prefer its up to you.

15th July 2001, 18:19
I just don't get it. I never have problems with WINAMP. But, I'm glad you guys are the type of people who make it better for me. THANKS! I LOVE MY WINAMP!


DJ Egg
16th July 2001, 02:09
Weyhey! Tell it like it is POWERSHAKER dude :) :D

16th July 2001, 02:47
HAIL JUSTIN! King of WINAMP! May everyone live long, and gather their mp3s merrily! May the LLAMA reach the CAPITAL! wooooo hooooooooo! :)


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19th July 2001, 17:05
What you do is download CDex (http://www.cdex.n3.net), insert a CD and click the "Extract CD Track to WAV file" button.....

15th August 2001, 00:17
One thing about Winamp that drives me up the F**KING wall is that when I try to load up certain SVP's to my AVS editor, it crashes! Can Nullsoft do something about this? :mad:

15th August 2001, 01:38
Try Wishlist or Bug Report.

15th August 2001, 03:30
Bug Report would be perfect for that! I'll just copy that post to the bug report section!

15th August 2001, 11:16
Who says I'm not helpful?

16th August 2001, 00:55
And for your information, ElChevelle, everyone can be helpful, one way or another! :)

16th August 2001, 01:02
I'm hoping to be helpful in making ribs and jaw muscles hurthttp://www.contrabandent.com/pez/otn/laughing/icon_smile_lachuh.gif