View Full Version : Dodgy Reviewers!!!

30th June 2001, 18:28
I have Publish 5 Skin now, on the user-reviews i have had idiots with dodgy usernames going round giving no star just for the fun. Is there any way to remove these reviews.

Thx ddeaco.

30th June 2001, 19:50
No... All thanks to Winamp's new rating system. It's more democratic, but unfortunately some sick pricks are taking advantage of Winamp's generous offer...

Jeez, this bitch list is ALL about skin reviews and how the suck *ss :D

1st July 2001, 15:22
I know, I wish Nullsoft would either go back to the old system or just kill the skin ratings altogether and sort new skins by date of arrival.

7th July 2001, 22:50
Alright, so I've posted several skins that I spent a good bit of time on. I don't appreciate it when someone gives me a zero star review, saying that I copied someone elses design. In this case I'm refering to my "Visor Black" skin. I assume that he thinks I have copied another Visor skin that has been published, but in reality, my skin was published a good 2 MONTHS before the other one! I suppose he could be refering to the fact that I copied the design of the actual Handspring Visor, but if he gives me a bad review for that, then he might as well give bad reviews to everyone who has ever used any stereo system as a basis for design. I mean, COME ON!!! Feel free to try to counteract his zero star rating (or as I call it, the "Vote of Death") by voting for me, but only if you think it's worthy.

Lucid DM
8th July 2001, 06:51
DUM DUM dum!
The vote of DEAAAAAAATH!
(If I had wwebspace I'd put an incredibly kewl pic of the vote of death right here. So just imagine that I have and praise me for it :D )

10th July 2001, 04:27
I have to agree with archerlink, I spent a long time on my skins, Blue Silver and Blue Glass, and when some dick head starts giving me 0 stars for no reason except to lower the rating, it tends to piss me off. Now I'm not going to mention the name of this person who has done this to my skins many ti-- *cough*MAD DOG*cough* times, but it's really making me mad, and I wish someone would do something about it.

Master of the Obvious
12th July 2001, 15:29
Oh, yeah, MadDog... he did that to that new organic-looking skin out... I actually raised my review to kinda counteract him... but still, the rating is average 4 stars, not sure why, since he filled up at least 40 entries with "OO"...

14th July 2001, 18:40
so ive seen, but good thing he doesnt work on plugins :D