View Full Version : I'm about to go postal!

3rd July 2001, 22:48
That CRC error crap has driven me off the edge and i'm about to go apeshit on it, haha. If anyone knows how to kick it just right tell me but anyhow, so how is everyone out there in the twilight zone along with myself and Mr. Roboto. I'm starting to understand just why i break my computer from time to time. Merry fourth of july to all, and to all a good f*ck. Later yo!

4th July 2001, 00:09
CRC error? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Winamp?

Bilbo Baggins
4th July 2001, 23:05
I need to play Postal again. It was a bit short though.

5th July 2001, 09:56
/Me hands PsychoTyke an M-203 and some ammo...

"Here ya go, bud. Tell your pooter who's boss." :)

5th July 2001, 17:25
Well, i finally got the bloody thing to work from runing it from the site although that didn't work the first time /takes m203 and blows the computer to little shards of plaster. THANX!! :) My destructive needs have been satisfied

5th July 2001, 19:03
Originally posted by PsychoTyke
Well, i finally got the bloody thing to work from runing it from the site

Sounds to me like he was trying to download Winamp and the file kept getting corrupted. So he picked "Open from Internet" or whatever the hell that box says and it ran.
Nice to finally clear that little problem up.

5th July 2001, 19:08
nice little tip: If you use IE and a download keeps f*cking up, clear your cache to have it download it from the beginning.

John M
5th July 2001, 20:18
nice little tip: If you use IE and you look at porn, clear your cache to keep your parents from finding out about it.


5th July 2001, 20:31
don't forget to clear the history too. the address bar tends to blab where you've been if you don't.

Bilbo Baggins
5th July 2001, 20:51
Also keep a wad of tissues handy to clear up the mess

5th July 2001, 21:05
Both of my parents are postal workers
where can you download the game postal? I want to play it agian

5th July 2001, 21:17
Demo version here:

6th July 2001, 01:31
Yea, it worked fine once i ran it from the site, and after booting my computer a few times it learned not to screw with me, i intend on filling it so full of mp3's it won't backtalk me til next year. lol. if that's even humanly possible