View Full Version : I think Winamp 3a 667 crashed my Pc

4th July 2001, 18:41
See I was working on a skin for Winamp3 to be out when Winamp3 is finally released. I had Winamp3a 667 running in the background and was painting on Paint Shop Pro 7, when PSP7 crashed on me. It's crashed before, but it only crashed itself. This time, however, I lost 5 hours of work, and when I tried to run my system restorer Gateway GoBack, it wouldn't run. Then I tried a few other of my programs, and they would frequently crash. Seeing as PSP7 has crashed before with no major setbacks, but this time it messed up my computer, and Winamp3a 667 was running in the background, I naturally assumbed it was fault of Winamp (I was testing an alpha, afterall- very unstable). But when I tried to uninstall Winamp3, the uninstaller wouldn't work because of the crashing. So I deleted all Winamp3 folders, but nothing was fixed. So now I believe that when Winamp3 installed it installed some files elsewhere, like in the c:\windows\system folder, and changed some registry values. Now I probably will have to reinstall Windows to get everything working properly. I just can't pinpoint the source file/s or registry key/s that is/are causing the problems. I'm not mad at Winamp, though, because it's a great program and that's what I get for testing an alpha without backing up anything first. I just felt like I had to bitch before I exploded.

John M
4th July 2001, 20:54
todays hint: use JASC photoshop :D

5th July 2001, 02:32
Was that a joke or did you not know Photoshop is made by Abode?

5th July 2001, 03:15
what's wrong with adobe?

John M
5th July 2001, 04:04
Jeez, it was a joke. laugh a little. like this --> :D

the real Slade
5th July 2001, 07:18
more like this
or even this

5th July 2001, 07:48
use JASC photoshop

did you not know Photoshop is made by Abode