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7th July 2001, 16:32
This probably won't matter when Winamp 3 arrives, but when winamp's main control window is not in focus, all the buttons on the top row (minimize, restore and close) are highlighted.
this was just added in version 2.75, but it kinda drives me nuts.
I know this is small, but does anyone agree with me?

Mr Jones
7th July 2001, 17:45
Are you seeing things?, they all dim out nicely on mine when the main windows not in focus???, running 2.76 here.

Besides, if it bugs you that much go get a skin (http://www.winamp.com/skins/) for your winamp, there are plenty, and I do mean plenty, to choose from :D

DJ Egg
7th July 2001, 19:52
:rolleyes: Prefs -> Display -> checkmark : dim titlebars when inactive :rolleyes:
Hardly worthy of a thread in the bitchlist! ;)

7th July 2001, 20:27
Thanks for the reply
It's stupid but dumb stuff gets me mad.
Can't wait for Winamp 3!

. - .... .- -. ....
11th July 2001, 14:59
Originally posted by WinampZealot

It's stupid but dumb stuff gets me mad.

Luckily the same can't be said for most of the mods and members here - otherwise there would be a hell of a lot of pissed off people hanging around the winamp forums :p

11th July 2001, 15:17
I'm not really pissed off, it was just frustrating and upsetting. ;-)