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9th July 2001, 00:26
Grrr, I'm pissed. The Simpsons is reaching a new low. If anyone's watching, tonight's (7/8) whole damn episode is a parody of Lola Remmt/Run Lola, Run. Grrrr, man, just GRRRRRRR!

chiquita chad
9th July 2001, 01:07
thats one of the best episodes... how can you hate it?!

9th July 2001, 01:29
I dunno. It just seems like every episode of The Simpsons lately has been either a complete parody of something else (like the above mentioned episode) or a special guest star blowout episode. (Spring Break in Florida, Free Trip to Africa, a host of others). Those are hilarious in small doses and they're what kept the show running so long, but the other reason for its longevity was the original wacky stories. Ah well, I'm just being an old fart before my time. Carry on and ignore me. :D

9th July 2001, 02:15
I found tonight's episode quite funny, actually. :)

9th July 2001, 10:37
Homer: Linguo... dead?
Linguo: Linguo is deeeeeaaad... *fizzle*

My favourite Simpson moment of the past year :D

9th July 2001, 12:51
well they have been on for like 10 years. what do you expect.

9th July 2001, 14:02
I applaud Matt Groening and his writing staff for being able to keep the laughs coming for that long AND even finding more humor to supply Futurama with gags.

John M
9th July 2001, 15:13
i saw that. i'm so glad i have my right thumb. or else i'd be screwed. (is there such thing as penile retentive? :D)

chiquita chad
10th July 2001, 03:25
Marge: I'm sorry Homer
Homer: I'm sorry's don't put thumbs back on hands, Marge.


10th July 2001, 04:53
"Well whaddya know... inflammable means flammable!"

13th July 2001, 10:41
there are so many reruns of the simpsons on tv at the moment.. well in australia anyway....

13th July 2001, 14:20
whatever sawg. i was close

18th July 2001, 02:13
I recall reading somwhere they are contracted for a 14th season too which is currently slated to be their final. I will try to see if I can fine a link to a story.

I hope you're joking when you say that. I don't think I would be able to live a normal life without new episodes of the simpsons. Well, if they sold copies of the whole collections then maybe, but still, thats awful sad. It's currently the longest running primetime show no? They should keep it going as long as possible so no one can beat the record, or it's really hard to beat it.

18th July 2001, 04:06
the simsons i think are based on humor of parody.

did you see vh-1 or mtv were hey went to moby's home and he said his most prize possesion the only thing hed take if his house was on fire, its a litho of homer signed by matt.
kinda funny
my fav audio clip i have of the simpsons :D
its a small d/l