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17th July 2001, 00:47
I can't use a download manager (Download Accelerator) to download winamp.... the setup for winamp fails something about the size of of the winamp installer was wrong. When I download regularly it works. Can u fix this?

18th July 2001, 01:16
Nope. The nature of how download accelerators handle files makes it extremely difficult if not impossible to be able to make an installer that can discern between viral activity and download accelerator file alteration.

14th August 2001, 01:52
My recommendation is to uninstall Download Accellerator and get either Netscape SmartDownload or RealDownload 4 Basic! :)

Mr. Bojanglez
14th August 2001, 02:57
god i hate realdownload, I heard gozilla was pretty popular though..

14th August 2001, 03:06
ullshit! GetRight SuĂ—0R!

Mr. Bojanglez
14th August 2001, 03:09
never tried it...

Nofx Guy
14th August 2001, 04:09
well download accelerator worked for me, then i got gozilla and it worked, then i got opera and it has a built in download manager, not as good as gozilla getright or download accelerator but it allows you to resume and thats all i used them for

14th August 2001, 16:41
One thing that I find stupid about Download Accellerator is that even with Netscape 4.77 installed, when I clicked the option to support Download Accellerator in Netscape, it said something like "No Netscape Found! Are you sure you're using Netscape?"!

14th August 2001, 22:10
I have Getright and sometimes use it. It suits my needs. Believe me it's a lot better than it used to be.

15th August 2001, 00:09
Oh really? Well, despite that, I'm just going to stick with what I got for now! :)

nature spirit
11th December 2001, 07:40
and this is not a problem when a plugin is about 250K big.. but when it's 3mb sized then we definitely need getright especially when on dialup (yes there are ppl outside there with dialups)
I wish this could be fixed soon.. I mean downloading plugins with getright and the likes.. thanks peeps..

11th December 2001, 07:43
I feel for you people on dialup. I would have gone crazy if @Home had shut me down when Cox wasn't ready to move us to their own servers. *shivers* It takes guts (or lack of broadband access) to use a dialup nowdays :D

11th December 2001, 19:07
Indeed. I feel sorry for any sucker who can't get close to my average 760Kbps downloads - faster if I get files straight off the LAN. I copied some 120 mp3's on Saturday from some bloke on the network. Took a whole 10 mins to download them all [about 600Mb] :) :p . Sorry, just a shameless brag.

nature spirit
15th December 2001, 07:50
hum.. they went this far? 760kbps.. must be dreaming. and an AC Milan fan too :cool:
well.. good for you then.. still dialup is not bad compared to nothing :D
Nu Poka!

15th December 2001, 09:11
I use mass downloader, easy to use, very nice. File progress maps and everything. I don't know if i need it now i'm using Opera but it's good. :)