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18th July 2001, 18:04
Hello i was just thinking if you where aware that your Skin browser doesn't work at all. well the seach feature doesn't anyway. Its never worked sice the revamp,, and im pretty mad about it because i used to love checkin up on how my skins do against everyone esle's or the same theme,, but now, i have to sift through about 2000 looking for the odd one or two.

oh yeah and could someone sort out those users who always give zero star reviews about 50times to the same skin,, its just not on,, kick them off or something,,

Also,, what the hell is with locking profiles, iv tried to get into my skins and been denied access when i know i have not done anything wrong ???
sorry to bitch all the time but me thinkis this is the bitchlist?

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19th July 2001, 17:01
Apparently (at least this is what we keep hearing), the skins section of the winamp site is undergoing a major overhaul at the moment, so all you can do for now is be patient and hope it gets sorted soon.

19th July 2001, 18:54
Originally posted by ethan_h
be patient and hope it gets sorted soon.

Here's freakin praying y0. I been waiting 4 weeks (and counting) now for the most recent to be updated.