View Full Version : Top Staff Rated Skins

21st July 2001, 05:07
Why dont they call it 'The John S section' or something?

and WHO was it that rated these skins as the best?

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22nd July 2001, 00:30
I know! I was just browsing the 1st page and there's 16 skins by "John S" and some 4 other skins..

chiquita chad
22nd July 2001, 03:23
john s has multiple accounts... he uses each one to help his skins out with rating.... very cheap way of doing it

24th July 2001, 21:04
I was submitting my latest skin yesterday ( ahem, http://www.hawk606.f2s.com/sb13.wsz ) and I didn't, but I could have selected to SUBMIT MY SKIN INTO THE MOST DOWNLOADED category :D:D! That doesnt make sence! there was another option reading '--------' i think..

Mr. Bojanglez
25th July 2001, 04:34
i looked in the top staff rated and all the skins there seemed to be 5 star user rated, but not rated highly by the staff....

I thought there were user highest and a staff highest categories but all the skins in staff are the same ones in user...

and some of the skins in highest staff got bad reviews and low ratings from the staff...