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21st July 2001, 17:18
Man, I'm turning 18 on July 30th, which means that legally I can't fool around with teenage girls anymore.

I know this is a fairly tame bitch subject, but look at it from my point of view — I've never done anything with a girl before (not ashamed to admit it though... lol).

Now I'm limited to girls/women my age or older. And damn that sucks (how about YOU try and find a girl these days with even close to the same level of inexperience as me!).

21st July 2001, 19:19
How 'bout your cousin? :p

Lucid DM
21st July 2001, 20:08
Seriously? That sucks ass! Are you in America? PLease tell me that that only applies to America! :eek:

'Cos all the cute girls are in the year below me at school http://www.mear.fsnet.co.uk/grinblue.gif!

22nd July 2001, 11:06
Is 18 the age of consent in the US?
In Britain I believe it's 16
(That does not necessarily mean that I'm a 20 year-old going around shagging 16 year-old girls, of course)
(not that I don't . . .er, wouldn't, er,. .ha,ha, ahem)

23rd July 2001, 00:47
I think actually the age of consent is 13 here. But if the girl's not 18 yet the parents still can press statutory rape charges.

Um, wait... is that what it's called? "Statutory"?

23rd July 2001, 12:39
you don't have to panic...:D
I don't really know how things are going on in America, but here I don't know anyone that cares about that 18 years thing. ;)
BTW: 18!! I waited for THAT bithday the last 18 years! :D

23rd July 2001, 17:02
Neither do I, really, but it's something to bitch about :)

28th July 2001, 00:25

In the United States, age of consent laws fall under state control. They're rarely enforced anyway unless under "extreme" cases. In a lot of states, the older person has to "knowingly" do it for it to be a crime. In other words, if the girl says she's legal, she is. The old white guys in city hall were raised in an era where kiddie sex was acceptable (by society, not that it didn't fuck up young girls). In 1900, half of the states in the union had ages of consent of 10, and "may-december marriages" were very common. You probably won't get in trouble for boinking a 17 year old unless you do it in public, tape it, or get her preggie.

Mr. Bojanglez
29th July 2001, 08:14
i thought it was 16 here in my state of indiana..

Nofx Guy
30th July 2001, 05:27
in canada the age of consent is 18 but no one cares. so many chicks here go out with guys over 18 years old and no one cares or does anything with it.right now one of my friends who is 15 is goin out with a 24 year old, i think it's wrong, but other people dont have a problem with it

the reason i think it's wrong is because hey, all the chicks my age go for older guys , dammit why cant they go for me!! :D

30th July 2001, 05:51
Or... you can be like me and realize that older chicks are better. :)
Older = more mature.

My last two girlfriends were 17 and 18 (my age), and both were a serious let-down. Not mature enough for me. I guess I need to find a good 27 year old babe. :D

the real Slade
1st August 2001, 01:49
I think its 16 in australia but none of my friends seem to
give a dam their like rabbits no wait even they get more
than the bloody rabbits!!!

NeoRenegade, sgtfuzzbubble99 has a point my frist was older,
btw i think 27 is a bit old eventhough you were being
sarcastic... well i hope you were http://www.contrabandent.com/pez/otn/confused/icon14.gif

just on the topic yes birthdays suck i didnt even have on elast year MY 18th AND I DIDNT HAVE ONE http://www.contrabandent.com/pez/otn/sad/bncry.gif
im damn well having one this year... http://www.contrabandent.com/pez/otn/happy/zxdrink.gif

sorry im going a bit crazy with smilies atm.... http://www.contrabandent.com/pez/otn/happy/scrambles.gif

1st August 2001, 02:37
I hope this year's birthday is a good one for you, Slade. :)

And no, I wasn't being sarcastic. ;)

the real Slade
1st August 2001, 03:23
thx sarge and well thats scary dude!!! http://www.mpz.co.uk/cwm/otn/confused/bluThinking.gif


NeoRenegade there are plenty of fish in the sea http://www.themelee.com/smilies/s/otn/laughing/yelrotflmao.gif ROFLMAO

1st August 2001, 19:14

I've had girl in all kind of ages. From (mid)13 to (early)19 (I'm 17, turning 18 the 14th of August). It was all legal. :) My g/f is 4 month older then me. I don't have got any problems with that.

2nd August 2001, 00:16
Fuck it. It's all good...

Even if I seriously did consider giving up on younger girls... at least now I can get hard liquor!

John M
2nd August 2001, 03:39
Originally posted by Kaboon

I've had girl in all kind of ages. From (mid)13 to (early)19 (I'm 17, turning 18 the 14th of August). It was all legal. :) My g/f is 4 month older then me. I don't have got any problems with that. lemme guess, you live in the netherlands :rolleyes:

the real Slade
3rd August 2001, 17:12
Why do you say he's from the netherlands???

My first was a year older and it lasted 9 months... she
cheated on me but i dont care, were still good friends,
my seccond was the same age and she called it quits bcuz we
lived too far away (i wasnt too happy, i tried to kill
myself :( stoopid thing to do ) and my present one is a year

In the end does it realy matter what age they are??? unless
its cradle snatching of course :D

zorpidus you're a knob...

How old are you all??? did you wait soo long for you're 18th
birthday and it turned out to be completely SHIT :eek:

btw if u haven't guessed by my previous posts im turning 19
in 12 days AUGUST 15th BABY it better be GOOD

4th August 2001, 06:11
You do not want to know how little experience I have :(

5th August 2001, 17:55
Originally posted by John M
lemme guess, you live in the netherlands :rolleyes:

where everything's possible :p ;)

5th August 2001, 18:41
hey guys and gals,no matter what you say,each year is what you make it.just take risks and try to find fun ore some other lesson in all.: )

16th August 2001, 00:21
Hey it is ok everything comes naturally, I was scared my first time too ( i was 18) but once it all started to happen, it was kinda like instincts kicked in and I kinda knew what I was doing. As long as you know where to stick what you will be ok!;)

lova ya!

16th August 2001, 00:53
Ahhhh, more love!http://www.themelee.com/smilies/s/otn/love/1luvu.gif
I'm loving the lovingly placed posts by our latest female entourage:)

John M
16th August 2001, 04:11
Originally posted by Kaboon

where everything's possible :p ;) uh huh. you can get weed in coffee shops. we can get coffee :P

17th August 2001, 02:45
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!

Age is just a number hon, I feel like I am still 18. Just think, you have not even lived half of your life yet ** It gets better! ** As far as being with girls, dont put so much pressure on yourself. You should be proud to still be able to say you are "pure". But watch out ~ When you find the right person and decide to have sex, you wont want to stop. Until then, just enjoy yourself!

Take care, and Happy Birthday!

Big Hugs

~ Missy :D

John M
17th August 2001, 02:58
Originally posted by PrincessJulie
... instincts kicked in and I kinda knew what I was doing... "Uhh, i dont think thats gonna fit in my belly button..."

20th August 2001, 16:11

Oh man... I'm glad I don't have THAT problem. :p

. - .... .- -. ....
20th August 2001, 16:16
Originally posted by John M
"Uhh, i dont think thats gonna fit in my belly button..."

"Uhh....what do you mean "it's all the way in...""

20th August 2001, 16:29
I'm glad I don't have that problem, either. ;)

20th August 2001, 22:08
My problems are bigger and deeper:p

20th August 2001, 22:22
The only problem I have is pretty big...

Let's just put it this way... before you land on the moon you have to get off the damn ground :p

the real Slade
21st August 2001, 08:16
http://www.contrabandent.com/pez/otn/laughing/yelrotflmao.gif ROFLMAO http://www.contrabandent.com/pez/otn/laughing/yelrotflmao.gif

um well just an update my party was absolute shit but noone seemed to
care??? http://cwm.ffrepublic.com/s/otn/confused/confused.gif wow being 19 is exactly the same as being 18 who would of