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22nd July 2001, 10:45
:) I've just noticed that the skin I posted over two months ago has finally been published. I thought that given it's unusual name and theme (as with my other skins), it would be good to finally get some exposure in the 5 'newest skins' section of Winamp.

:mad: But, lo-and-behold, the newest skins are still the lame (that seems such an unsatisfactory word) 'skins' of people who seemigly adore their skinning programs and posted their poor efforts just a week ago. Oh, and lets not forget the brilliance of the 'naked winamp member' theme which monopolises this section- possibly the longest running joke which was embarassingly unfunny to begin with.

As with the rest of my skins, my newest is too obscure to receive many downloads. :( I'm considering downloading a skinner program and pasting up pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar or Jurassic Park 3- this appears to be a very easy way of receiving a billion downloads and high star ratings from people who think that the movie was 'just sooo cool'.

I'll stick around a while, to see if anyone agrees or not, but I think I'm done with the Winamp site- Anyone else out there frustrated with Winamp?

23rd July 2001, 03:17
Don't take off just yet... We're keeping our ears to the ground in hopes of something better soon. :)