View Full Version : Your Submitting thing is messed up!!!

23rd July 2001, 02:29
I made this Avs pack that took me a really long time to make and guess what? When I try to submit it, the stupid thing takes a million years to load it and then it says "server is not responding". It is really getting me ticked cuz I've tried it about a million times and it still doesn't work.

23rd July 2001, 04:19
ok thanx

Mr. Bojanglez
25th July 2001, 05:17
how big was the file size though...? If it was 50kb like my presets the system error thing should come up pretty quick..

25th July 2001, 12:07
ya i did that too and it didn't work

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25th July 2001, 12:14
Well, the file size is 35KB, so it might be my modem cuz it's a little bit slow.

Mr. Bojanglez
25th July 2001, 22:20
for now you could just submit it to deviantart or something if your that desperate...

26th July 2001, 06:12
what's deviantart?

26th July 2001, 13:36

Online art colony type thing.

26th July 2001, 17:41
o ok thanx