View Full Version : where's the skins?!

24th July 2001, 07:50
Picture this. You spend 2 months day and night working on a winamp skin that depicts the features of an evil clown. You have his fangs down perfect, his beady little eyes shine, and even a grimace that would make Shakes shiver in his oversize shoes. You're proud of yourself. You tell your girlfriend, your friends, your family and close enemies that the masterpiece of a skin you created is now on Winamp.com.
Two months later, you browse the skins on winamp.com and, lo and behold, you see that your skin is fucking gone! Uncerimoniously dropped in another "cleaning of house." What gives? Were you becoming too popular? Am I supposed to submit something I slaved over only to have you wipe your ass w/ it and flush it down the toilet a year from now when you start to feel bloated again? BRING BACK CHILLY WILLY!!!!!!!

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Mr. Bojanglez
25th July 2001, 05:05
i think you shouldn't complain about the skin section till next week when the new reviewer panel (hopefully including me) goes up..