View Full Version : inaccurate song lengths

25th July 2001, 01:05
I get the playlist all perfect in winamp it works out to fit on an 80 min cd but then when i try to burn all the songs onto cd it is always off by 20-30 seconds. Really annoying. Any way you guys could fix that?

Lucid DM
25th July 2001, 02:24
Perhaps your CD burner is adding a small pause between each track... This could add up to mean you're missing the end off the last song.

Mr. Bojanglez
25th July 2001, 04:40
i can manually take that off using nero to burn my cds...

but i hate it when a song is really 2:39 long and it shows up as 5:17 long adding almost 2 mins to your time where another song or something i recorded myself saying could have gone....