View Full Version : 100 posts lost off my post count?

Mr. Bojanglez
29th July 2001, 16:21
hmmm Stangely enough my post count dropped from 540 to 440 recently...

does anyone know why this happened...

here are the only explanatins i can conjure at the moment:

a: somebody doesn't like me (big suprise there)

b: i did something wrong (As I always seem to)

c: the system f*cked up (Could Be)

d: A group of People do not like me (Wouldn't Suprise Me)

e: It didn't happen (I know it did though...

f: Someone doesn't want me to be a major dude (stranger things have happened)

I do not know when why or how this happened or maybe even who did it or what did it...

but I would like to know so:

If you have any information about this unsolved mystery please contact me at "Push Reply Button"

If I cannot get a response here I shall ask at tech support..

29th July 2001, 19:05
well its not C

29th July 2001, 19:29

Bilbo Baggins
29th July 2001, 21:35

29th July 2001, 22:49
suspicious mods we got here:D

29th July 2001, 23:30
^Let the search begin here^

Mr. Bojanglez
30th July 2001, 07:41
was it you mr. bully?

Mr. Bojanglez
30th July 2001, 07:43
suprisingly after i posted a noticed my post count has skyrocketed back to 551....

so lets see here maybe somebody did it and felt guilty or something...

but i'm just curiouse as to who it was..

and a thank you to whoever fixed it..

30th July 2001, 14:41
Your welcome

Mr. Bojanglez
31st July 2001, 03:30
Originally posted by ElChevelle
^Let the search begin here^

those arrows pointed up to s1138.....


13th August 2001, 08:48
100 is nothing mine dropped 200 for seemingly no reason at all... normally i wouldnt be pissed, but i am because i got no warning email. ive been thinking of starting a thread about it, but i guess this is my cue. its not like post count or title bothers me, its just un-nerving that someone would reduce one post count by an extreme number, for what probably was a meek offense.

...dont make me take this to e-court :p

Mr. Bojanglez
13th August 2001, 20:11
did you gte your posts back yet invisable?

14th August 2001, 00:34

14th August 2001, 02:03
Originally posted by watadoo

Did this happen right around the upgrade? it's possible that all 87 gazillion posts and threads didn't make the journey to the new server box.

no, it was about the time there were accusations flying around of me post pumping, but i keep track of my posts, and i had only made about 20 posts over 2 weeks around that time... erm it was a few weeks before the upgrade, i believe..

Mr. Bojanglez
14th August 2001, 02:52
when it happened to me, it was way before the upgrade, but my problem got solved...

14th August 2001, 03:51
teres probably a whole thread backstage on my postcount now..

14th August 2001, 14:53
Just about 90% of a thread is dedicated to it :p

14th August 2001, 18:09