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2nd August 2001, 21:36
I threw away sonique a day ago, and have installed winamp and I already miss sonique!
It has better skins, It's easy to get your plug-ins working and I can find help easily
I don't understand a thing of winamp, but I can't find a help section or sumthing anyware and the skins are all the same shape
If sonique didn't take away all the space on my computer I'd re-download it right away
I don't get what you people find so good about winamp

2nd August 2001, 21:53
Oh no! Winamp isn't pretty!

[comment withheld]

Winamp 3 lets you do freeform skinning, if you're that desperate :rolleyes:

3rd August 2001, 02:50
And btw, welcome to the boards. :)

3rd August 2001, 04:52
how can winamp be confusing to a sonique guy...

ah shucks, who knows...

3rd August 2001, 05:25
ill sum it up like this:


3rd August 2001, 13:11
Originally posted by s1138
ill sum it up like this:



Winamp confusing??? WTF! Sonique's confusing goddamnit :D Its playlist, aaarrgh

3rd August 2001, 14:28

sorry, somebody was asking me to post that:D

5th August 2001, 02:57
1) Winamp responds faster than Sonique.
2) Winamp supports more filetypes.
3) With input plugins Winamp can support ANY file format imaginable.
4) Winamp has better visuals.
5) Winamp takes up less space and memory.

Need I go on? I can... :)

5th August 2001, 23:25
i just have one thing to say:

FUCK sonique

ok im out


6th August 2001, 11:48
Yeah, sonique has some nice skins - but so does Winamp
Sonique has plugins - but so does Winamp.

My biggest beef with Sonique is much more technical tho.

1) The plugin architecture is . . . well. . . awful. It basically comes down to "here is a handle to a screen that runs inside sonique". You would have to really rig it to come up fullscreen, support windowing or 3d.

2) The licensing agreement you have to agree to before uploading plugins or downloading there SDK essentially says "you give us all rights to do anything we want to with your work" - legally they could change all the strings in your plugin to whatever they want, claim credit for it, sell it, etc. . . Sure plugin developers want their work to be seen by many, we just want to get credit for it (even if that credit is only reputation). A licensing agreement like Sonique's is worse than even Microsoft would try.

I might be able to write a plugin for Sonique that would load & use winamp plugins, but why would I do that when I can't stand to use Sonique anyways!

6th August 2001, 15:10
One of my biggest problems with Sonique is that its WMA support is terrible... just try loading a WMA and scrolling through it. It takes like 5 seconds for it to finally settle down and stop skipping. On Winamp, it's only a tiny bit slower than with MP3.

8th August 2001, 05:23
okay, I'm not even gonna mention your spelling. <-- Just did :p

Here's a quick tutorial for a newbie to Winamp.

The play button looks like this >
The Stop button looks like this [ ]

Mr. Bojanglez
13th August 2001, 20:15
you forgot some






_ -minimize

24th August 2001, 17:06
I maybe one of the few who had tried more than 10 different MP3 players out there that I even forgot what they were hehehe :D ... to name a few: WinAmp, Sonique, WMP, MediaJukeBox, RealPlayer, and scores of obscure players that I no longer rememger :p ...

Well anyway, I found out that WinAmp is the best due to:

Less resource hog -- I have a serviceable P75 and only WinAmp runs well (actually, there's 3 or 4 other players, but they all come short in other departments)
Skin support! Now I know Sonique skins better, but it's so s l o o o o o o w . . .
Input plugins! My CDs never sound good enough on my PC until I used the wa-cdr plug-in which read the data from the CD directly and plays it through WinAmp's DSP plug-ins...
Small hard disk footprint . . . WinAmp consumes a reasonable amount of HD space, vital for a 3.5 GB hard disk (I know it's small... you want to donate 1 10GB drive? hehe :p )

Well there may be other reasons... but those are my main reasons.

Cheers! :)

24th August 2001, 18:01
If you just want a small MP3-only player check out Coolplayer (www.daansystems.com)

It went opensource recently so hopefully the MAD decoder will be implemented :D

1st September 2001, 10:41
And there's also SysTrayPlay, which is even smaller. Heck, it doesn't even have an installer! You just copy the single .exe file.

If I'm correct, you can find it in www.download.com.

1st September 2001, 20:41
I dont even know where to begin about sonique...Ive downloaded it a couple of times in the past but have never been satisfied with the outcome. To me, Sonique was just too bulky, too much of a "flash in the pan"...like they tried to do so much in so little time...Ive always come back to winamp cause it does what it promises...

There are many reasons as to why I have stayed with winamp over the years...

1. The download size...finally someone found out that you can produce a kick ass prodcut without the obese file size...
2. The winamp crew does not see the need to furnish winamp with shit it dosent need or with stuff the users wont use (ie icq)
3. Its small, is not a resource hog, never had many problems and its updated quite frequently (up until this aol shit hit the fan)
4. I know this will sound like kissing ass, but Ive always liked the feel to the winamp site and for those who run it...maybe its the humor I find or the ideas they come up with. Winamp is one of the few products I use, knowing damn well that the creators arent suit wearing, suit case carrying "working for the man" sons of bitches...

Who else feels the same way? I know I dont stand alone...

5th September 2001, 11:59
i pidy da foo hoo don yoos won800collect

The infamous diablo ike

5th September 2001, 12:04
Originally posted by s1138
ill sum it up like this:


Poor cat.. :(