View Full Version : I cant believe how many rude and thoughtless people there are here!

3rd August 2001, 19:34
I've been downloading skins lately, and i couldnt help but notice how some of you people leave the rudest comments about a persons skins. Constructive Criticism is perfectly okay, but some things are just immature and not the least bit helpful. If you dont like the skin, let the person know why in kind terms..if you dont have any kind words, dont comment at all. I think its great that people make thier own skins to express thier artistic personalities..dont ruin it by being a jerk.

Thanks! :)

3rd August 2001, 19:42
I agree totally!
As a whole, I'd say that alot of reviews are lacking creative criticism. People may not care for a skin but that doesn't make it right to add comments like "This skin sucks" or "You skin like your mom fucks"
Most of the time you can get some great analysis from the gang in the skinlove forum, much better than the cynical bastards that are out to be cockloads in the public reviews.
Hopefully, the new review system will rectify this problem. I keep my fingers crossed that we picked the right weenies to be on the panel:)

3rd August 2001, 23:45
i just went through the skin database, checking and such...and your right. there are some mean little people in there.

4th August 2001, 01:53
Amen to that, DS.

And welcome to the forums. :)

Nofx Guy
4th August 2001, 04:49
people who trash other's people work and dis it, without a reason, are just doing it because there jealous they can't make a skin of there own!

John M
4th August 2001, 13:07
yeah. i dont skin cuz i suck at it. so i respect the artists that do take the time to skin.

and i stay away from from skin love cuz those artsy types scare me :p

4th August 2001, 15:30
Originally posted by John M
yeah. i dont skin cuz i suck at it. so i respect the artists that do take the time to skin.

and i stay away from from skin love cuz those artsy types scare me :p

I can respect that opinion, John. Normal graphics aren't too hard for me, but skinning just isn't that way. Maybe because there's too many little bits to paint. And you're right about the folks in Skin Love. I can understand being serious about skin making, but dizamn dude!

DS, I can agree wholeheartedly with you on this issue. These morons are also screwing up the Skins sections something awful. Why do you think they had to get rid of the Five Star skins section? So many people were insulting other people's skins that there weren't any. Not a damn one.

This is why I've always preferred staff reviewing over peer reviewing. Because really, what's better, having a skin get 3 stars by the evil CO, or 0 stars by some idiot that won't even give a legible name for him/her/itself?

4th August 2001, 15:50
the saddest part of all is that some people trash other peoples skins just so they will get their own skins "higher" on the list. can't wait till the new rating system is up, maybe then I'll re-up the skins I've pulled off the site.

8th August 2001, 16:42
There's a new system coming? Wonder how it'll work.

Psycho Puppet
9th August 2001, 14:45
Yea, people are mean and cruel animals. Unfortuantly we can't tag them all and release them into the wild. :D

the real Slade
10th August 2001, 19:18
Well in the defence of the ppl who trash skins... some of
them actually have very good reasons to sledge them BUT they
don't allways have to use such a big variety of language. :eek:

Ive been working on my first skin for about 5 days now
trying to get it just right and i think if some of the
skinners out there did the same and put a little more time
and effort into their skins they wouldn't have to put up
with this shit... :rolleyes:

also i think the skins soutld be sent to the guys who run
the web site and the judge wether or not the skin is worthy
to appear on the site... :cool:

correct me if im wrong but wasn't there another newb in the
forums bitching about the same topic not too long ago??? :D

nice to see the forums with a new look btw :)

Mr. Bojanglez
12th August 2001, 12:31
just reading this thread, suprised :eek: :eek: that my name didn't appear. Skin Love is "supposedly" having this same issue with a certain un-named member over there...

16th August 2001, 03:00
I agree people shouldn't be rude about hard work, even if it is crappy. But if we didn't have the rudeness think about how happy and frustrating it would be, we need the depresssed complainers of the world to balance everything out, and give us something to do :)

17th August 2001, 02:49
"Mean people suck" <--------- My favorite quote

Have a wonderful day everyone! :D

~ Missy

Bilbo Baggins
19th August 2001, 00:54
Yeah, but Kind people swallow ;)

19th August 2001, 01:03
I'm one of those people who like to harshly criticize the skins that do suck. I don't really give a crap about the time and effort somebody invested to turn in a half-assed skin that nobody is going to download. I, like many others, can judge a good skin, but when I see something that is exactly the same as the base skin, only with a new background, I like to rant and spew at the worthless creature who made it and all the others that look like the same garbage he just made. :mad:

the real Slade
23rd August 2001, 02:40
Originally posted by Bilbo Baggins
Yeah, but Kind people swallow ;)