View Full Version : i am NOT a loser with no life......really.

8th August 2001, 01:40
look, i'm not nor was i trying to be an asshole(though it would appear so from the response i'm getting).i was simply voicing a frustration(albiet a might self- righteous in tone,and did not mean to cause any harm in doing so.in the future ,i will tone down my tone,if you will.
as for the whole"macho skinner status" thing,i,as an individual,do not practice the ritual of machismo,nor do i stand by it,my interest is in whether or not people apreciate the time and effort that i put into what i'm doing,which culminates into(hopefully),a pleasing skin,both asthetically and stylisically.in other words, i don't express the more base elements of my sexuality through purchasing oversized vehichles or by saying,"i'm cooler than you are".
finally,to address my interruption of a string that was'nt even aimed at me,i would just like to say that i am fairly new here,as surely you must know by now,so again,while my candor could use some downsizing,i had no idea i was "interrupting",as i thought any one could respond or comment on anything in the forums.so my apoligies to those i've offended with my brash demeanor,i meant what i said,just maybe not in the manner in which i represented my point.i am NOT an ass- kiss, but i believe firmly in admitting to my trangressions and trying to right them.keep up the good work.::p

Mr. Bojanglez
12th August 2001, 12:34
wtf is he talking about?

12th August 2001, 23:08
I have no fucking clue. :confused:

13th August 2001, 00:38
well....i know im a loser with no life..:D

i hang in #******* after all

13th August 2001, 11:42
probably someting one of the mods said to him...

ehemm, chev?:p

13th August 2001, 13:20
Care to elaborate on that comment? Or would it be a flame?

13th August 2001, 18:02
to any who were wondering what the hell i was talking about(it seems to be all who've read what i wrote),a moderator replied to a string dealing with skin submission.in that string the community member said ,in brief,that they were basically having constant problems finding THEIR OWN skins,and was told in brief,that maybe they had'nt looked through all the skins(100s of thousands,as we all know).i was incenced and "let it all out",and basically said that i felt insulted that someone would tell me that maybe i had'nt looked at all the skins,as when i'm searching ,it's for something i know should be there.(mainly,something i worked on)
after this,another moderator said that,in short,that i was wrong to feel insulted,that i was rude for"...responding to a thread not even addressed to me..."(i thought it was the "winamp bitch list"),and,furthermore,that i deserved an insult.i was also treated to an attempted emasculation by some one else,refering to my supposed insecurity of my own sexuality(i.e. i was told that i had a "macho skinning complex" or something to that effect.
finally,this is only in answer to those who were curious about what was up wit dat,so please,no one get your water boiling over this.

13th August 2001, 18:21
In the future, I'd recommend linking to whatever thread you're commenting about OR post in that particular thread.
No one here knew what you were commenting on and were therefore lost. I, however, checked your past posts to figure out what was being babbled about.

Invisable? Next time you implicate me in wrongdoing, you had better post a fact or evidence to such. Think twice before posting my name for I've been here/done that with another EX-member.

13th August 2001, 18:57
i never said your name nor did i implicate you in any way.if you read the last thread,someone wondering what was going on mentioned your name,not me.
furthermore,as i said earlier,this is the winamp bitch list,so i thought i wascomplaining in the right spot,now i'm wondering if i'm wrong for "pissing in the toilet",so to speak.:confused:
why am i being threatened and insulted for simply expressing my opinion in the right place again? :confused:
(ps) got that you were referring to "inviable",so diseregard the,"..never said your name...."part,as i understand who you were talking about :cool:

13th August 2001, 19:12
Originally posted by ElChevelle
Invisable? Next time you implicate me in wrongdoing, you had better post a fact or evidence to such. Think twice before posting my name for I've been here/done that with another EX-member.

Mr. Bojanglez
13th August 2001, 20:05
I still have no clue what he is talking about,

Bilbo Baggins
13th August 2001, 23:22

Makes about as muchsense :D

13th August 2001, 23:52
I have no clue what he is talking about either because I didn't read it all. I refuse to waste my time reading any post over 6 lines.

16th August 2001, 04:33
......u wanna die huh...we'll see about that......

{cron runs back into the shawdos}

Bilbo Baggins
19th August 2001, 00:56
What is the shawdos? Is it the latest incarnation of some MS product of the olden days?