View Full Version : Starting to Get Pissed

14th August 2001, 05:34
Ok, I'm starting to get pissed off about all the new skins. Yeah its great that finally the winamp team has gotten together to finally grade the new skins, but when I go to the new skins I expect to find at least one decent one. All that I find are these crap skins produced by skinners. You would think people would have learned, but they haven't. Maybe all these new crap skins should be deleted instead of graded. Its not that hard to pick them out of a crowd.

14th August 2001, 11:25
For the rest of our views, go check out the "skins suck" poll in Skin Love.

simon snowflake
15th August 2001, 19:34
well, since this is the official winamp site, the cant refuse to submit the skins. Go to www.1001winampskins.com. if you want more quality

Bilbo Baggins
15th August 2001, 20:55
Or for more like minded individuals, goto www.iamamoaningpenislicker.com