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14th August 2001, 22:57
Yes everyone knows microsoft is being screwed up the ass for Internet Explorer and they basically got out of it. That pisses me off. What pisses me off though is that people confuse Microsoft competing with Real Networks AOL and other compaines (winamp included) illegally. See Microsoft may be putting programs in their os to compete with those companies but they are in the OS market. Windows is an OS and therefore is in competition not with Real/Aol/Winamp conglomoration but with the likes of Linux and Mac

Windows Media Player came out cuz of ITunes (or the otherway around) Windows ME I know has a DVD player (never used it) which competes with IDVD of Macs
Windows has Movie Maker (sucks) to compete with Mac's IMovie or whatever

Anyways Mac is just as guilty for anit competition because IMovie knocked out avid cinema and adobe premeir (both better than movie maker and IMovie) so if Windows is going to be raped up its ass in court for illegally practices Apple Macintosh should also face the same equal treatment.

Windows is going through greath lengths to have computer companies be able to design the OS the way AOL/Real pay them too so Windows is just a victem now thanks to the AOL Time Wanner Monopoly.

I think the governement should leave microsoft alone (i bet all documents in the case was done with MS Word) and rag on AOL/Time Wanner for using their monopoly illegally

15th August 2001, 01:34
Kodak won a lawsuit against Microsoft!:)

15th August 2001, 02:06
what was the lawsuit about?

if i remember form wayback when windows xp makes it more difficult for custom digital camera software to work with windows at all. is that what the kodak suit is about? or something else?

15th August 2001, 02:09
That's exactly the lawsuit:)

15th August 2001, 02:13
wow i guess that makes me the all powerful psychic lawsuit god. perhaps i should start a psychic lawyer hotline. call meh now and get your free lawsuit terro reading! :D

yeah im glad kodak won. microsoft should give the option to other software at least. it does in all other cases but in this instance it does not.

Bilbo Baggins
15th August 2001, 11:11
Although i am against multi national companies and monopolies, i think that in the world of computing an exception shoudl be made becuase we need standardisation, and MS have gone a long way to doing just that, so the US government should bugger off and get on with trying to maintain their crumbling economy, rather than shafting one of their biggest companies.

15th August 2001, 11:24
The government wants of piece of the action. That's all that it comes down to. To be successful in America, you have to pay off drunken, child molesting Uncle Sam. Look what they do to people who are lucky enough to win the Lotteries.

Bilbo Baggins
15th August 2001, 20:57
I am assuming it isn't pleasant...

16th August 2001, 00:43
I'm glad Sun took action against Microsoft for not willing to put in their Java into Windows XP! Also, a local resident in New Brunswick won a case against Microsoft for piracy! Man! If Microsoft broke up, that would make my day! :)

And ElChevelle, the Federal Court does want the action, but unfortunately, dumbass Bush would probably let Microsoft go! Why didn't John McCain win the presidental election? ARRRGH! :mad:

16th August 2001, 01:01
Kids? If you aspire to be president someday, keep in mind that it takes alot of mula and the generosity to stuff the pockets of special interest groups.
Xerxes is the expert in these political matters but I'm sure he'd say money=power.

16th August 2001, 03:56
The more control of the market you hold, the more the law will charge after ya! That's how I see it! ;)